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Best water suppliers in Scotland guide

When given the opportunity to save money and improve overall performance, businesses are constantly searching for cost-efficient solutions that can help them grow and thrive. Today we look into the best business water suppliers in Scotland.

Navigating the best business water suppliers in Scotland can make it easier for you to thoroughly understand the differences between your options. It allows you to switch to a water company that can lower your water bill through improved business efficiencies.

Let’s take a closer look at how the open water market in Scotland works and how it contributes to your current water bills. Understanding potential suppliers, how water rates are calculated and opportunities to compare water companies may be your solution to lower costs and improved business operations.

The open water market in Scotland

Water supply by private companies has been a feature of the Scottish water market for more than a decade. In 2008, the Scottish water market opened up to businesses across the country. In April 2017, the water market expanded even further, allowing British businesses to shop around for water and sewerage services.

This means that businesses in England, Scotland and some parts of Wales can search freely for a water supplier and switch water companies at any given time.

The way the open water market works is similar to electricity and gas suppliers. Suppliers purchase wholesale services of water and wastewater supply and removal, as explained by The Water Services Regulation Authority, or Ofwat.

They then offer a package to eligible customers, in this case, non-household customers throughout the UK. This market works alongside the household customer and non-eligible retail business water market in Scotland, regulated by the Water Industry Commision for Scotland. 

Who supplies water in Scotland?

Understanding who supplies water to businesses in Scotland can give you a better idea of what kind of savings and improved services you could see by making the switch.

The Water Industry Commission For Scotland makes it easy to find your next supplier by providing a resource hub to search for water companies across Scotland. Businesses can contact water suppliers directly, but this can be tedious and time-consuming.

Thankfully, AquaSwitch can take care of the hassle that comes with finding your next water supplier. We just need information from you regarding your current rate and your future supplier expectations. From there, we’ll gather quotes and provide you with a few options that meet your criteria.

What are the current water rates in Scotland?

Water rates in Scotland range significantly from provider to provider, they also depend on your geographical location. Businesses in Scotland are metered for both water and wastewater charges. Property and drainage charges can also play a part in determining your water bill.

Charges are calculated based on the rateable value of your property, according to, a Scottish Government public sector information website. However, rateable value only becomes a factor when there isn’t a meter on business premises.

Should I compare business water suppliers in the UK?

Conducting a water review can either ensure you’re getting the most out of your current supplier, or be a sure sign that it’s time to consider other options. AquaSwitch can also conduct a water audit, which is designed to identify problems with the way your business is being billed for its water usage and surface drainage.

Simply monitoring your water usage over time using your water meter will give you a better idea of how water is distributed throughout your organisation and whether it’s done in a cost-effective, water-efficient manner.

Comparing business water suppliers in the UK is one of the many advantages you have when it comes to running a business. This allows you to make the water suppliers compete to work with your business, which means you get a consistently improved service.

A competitive market means your business can inquire about new water companies and find there’s an opportunity for lower bills, tailored services, improved customer service and increased support to be a more water-efficient company. Other benefits of switching business water suppliers are:

  1. Lower bills and charges. Comparing water companies and making the switch to a new supplier can save your business up to 20% on your water and wastewater bills.
  2. Tailored services for your business. Water suppliers are excited that you’re interested in making the switch, so they’ll be ready and willing to provide tailored solutions to fit your business wants and needs.
  3. Improved customer service. New suppliers in the market are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve and approach water supply and waste removal. This attention to detail, complemented by tailored services, makes for an improved customer experience.
  4. Increased support. Water efficiency doesn’t only mean lowered bills, but also the improved usage of an increasingly scarce natural resource. Water suppliers can provide the support you need to be more water-efficient.

Let AquaSwitch help you make the switch

At AquaSwitch, we understand what comes with running your business. Dealing with exponential sewerage charges and water bills can weigh down your processes and make it more difficult for you to meet your bottom line as efficiently as possible.
Once we’ve found the right supplier for you based on your business needs, we’ll take care of the entire switch, from cutting ties with your current water company to onboarding your new supplier.

To learn more about our services and how our business customers have saved on their water bills, contact us directly today.