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The ultimate guide to business water suppliers in Scotland

Water supply by private companies has been a feature of the Scottish water market for more than a decade.

In 2008, the Scottish water market opened up, allowing any property that isn’t a household to choose their water supplier.

Scotland was the first country in the world to deregulate the supply of water to businesses.

Fast forward to today, any supplier holding a licence from the Water Industry Commission for Scotland can provide water and wastewater services to the 130,000 Scottish businesses.

The different suppliers offer different tariffs, quality of customer service and additional services.

Our guide to the Scottish business water suppliers looks at the different suppliers currently serving Scottish businesses.

Before we dive in its worth covering a few basic questions:

List of business water suppliers in Scotland

Our guide takes a look at Scotland’s largest water suppliers and smaller ones with their own unique selling points.

Business Stream

Upon deregulation of the Scottish water market in 2008, all businesses were transferred from Scottish Water through to Business Stream. To this day, Business Stream is the largest water supplier in Scotland.

Business Stream has recently launched their ‘Making a Positive Difference’ vision as a way to do the right thing for their people, customers, environment and the community.

Additional services: Water network connection, Water efficiency services, Water-saving devices, Consolidated billing

New customer sign-up:
Customer Services: 0330 123 2000

Castle Water Logo

Castle water was founded in 2014 in anticipation of the deregulation of the English water market but is actively acquiring customers in the Scottish Market. In 2017 Castle Water extended its customer base in Scotland by acquiring Cobolt Water, an independent water supplier based in Ayrshire.

Castle Water is now one of the UK’s largest water suppliers.

Additional services: Water network connection, Water efficiency services, Water-saving devices, Consolidated billing

New customer sign-up:
Customer services: 01250 718700


Everflow was founded in 2014 with the idea of creating an ethical water retailer with low-cost pricing.
In 2021 Everflow came in third place on the Financial Times Europes fastest Growing Companies reporting and has strong growth aspirations for the future.

Everflow is committed to charitable giving, and for every 250 new customers signed up, Everflow has pledged to build a well in countries that don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Additional services: Consolidated billing

New customer sign-up:
Customer services: 0330 6600 137

Clear Business Water

Clear Business is a small business specialist focussing not just on water but on other utilities and services such as Energy, Internet, Telecoms and Insurance.

Additional services: Consolidated Billing, Smart Meters

New customer sign-up:
Customer Services: 0333 014 3131 –

Pinnacle Business Water

Pinnacle Business Water is a family-owned and operated business based in Paisley, which prides itself on delivering the highest quality of customer service.

Unusually, Pinnacle Water does not tie its customers into long term contracts. A business customer of Pinnacle is free to switch away at any time.

Additional services: Consolidated billing, Water network connection

New customer sign-up:
Customer services: 0141 212 0210

Source for business

Source for Business is a newly created national brand through the combination of Bournemouth Business Water, Cambridge Water Business, South Staffs Water Business and South West Water Business brands. These previously separate companies are all part of the Pennon Group, a FTSE listed public company. Although most of Source for Business’s customer base is in England, it holds a Scottish supply licence.

Additional services: Consolidated billing, Water efficiency services

New customer sign-up:
Customer services: 0800 042 0347

Water Plus

Water Plus is a joint venture between United Utilities and Severn Trent. The two companies joined forces in 2016 in preparation for the water market deregulation in 2017 in England.

Water Plus has a major partnership with Trees for Cities and has plans to plant over 90 trees in urban areas. The initiative is part of Water Plus’s commitment to taking positive action to help the environment.

Additional services: Smart Meters, Water connection services, Consolidated billing, Water efficiency services

New customer sign-up:
Customer Services: 0345 072 6072 –


Wave is a national business water supplier formed by consolidating two regional suppliers, Anglian Water Business and Northumbrian Water Group.

Wave has significant experience in the open water market, with its roots tracing back to the deregulation of the Scottish market in 2008.

Additional services: Consolidated billing, Water efficiency service

New customer sign-up:
Customer services: 0333 207 9283

Can businesses change water supplier?

Yes. Since 2008 properties occupied by companies, charities and other organisations have had the freedom to choose their business water supplier. This guide to Scottish water suppliers provides a comprehensive list of the options available.

How can I change business water supplier?

The switching process for each business water supplier is different. Where available, we have provided the relevant links to request a water quote from each supplier.

Alternatively, AquaSwitch offers a free comparison and switching service. Start by entering a few details so we are able to collect tailored quotes specific to your business.

If you decide you can get a better deal by switching to an alternative tariff, AquaSwitch can arrange a hassle-free switch on your behalf.

How do I find out who my business water supplier is?

Your current business water supplier is the company that you currently pay for your water and wastewater services. The easiest way is to refer to a recent water bill they will have sent.

If your business has recently moved into a new property or you’ve never received a bill, then AquaSwitch or any water supplier on this list can help.

All business water supply points are recorded on a centralised database that records who supplies each business water meter at each non-household address. All the suppliers on this list and AquaSwitch have access to this database.

What do water suppliers do?

A business water supplier is responsible for managing the invoicing of water and wastewater services to its customers. Scottish Water manages the underlying maintenance of the water network in Scotland. A business water supplier will purchase water in bulk from the Scottish water at the wholesale rate then invoices this separately to its business customers.

Your business water supplier will take regular meter readings from your property to ensure it is billing your company accurately. If anything goes wrong with your water supply, your supplier has a customer services department who will arrange to rectify any problems with Scottish Water.

Can my small business change water supplier?

Yes, the suppliers in this guide have a licence from the Water Industry Commission for Scotland to supply any non-household in Scotland, both large and small.

Should I compare business water suppliers in Scotland?

Conducting a water review can either ensure you’re getting the most out of your current supplier, or be a sure sign that it’s time to consider other options. AquaSwitch can also conduct a water audit designed to identify problems with how your business is being billed for its water usage and surface drainage.

Simply monitoring your water usage over time using your water meter will give you a better idea of how water is distributed throughout your organisation and whether it’s done in a cost-effective, water-efficient manner.

Comparing business water suppliers in Scotland is one of the many advantages you have when it comes to running a business. This allows you to make the water suppliers compete to work with your business, which means you get a consistently improved service.

A competitive market means your business can inquire about new water companies and find there’s an opportunity for lower bills, tailored services, improved customer service and increased support to be a more water-efficient company.

Other benefits of switching business water suppliers are:

  • Lower bills and charges. Comparing water companies and making the switch to a new supplier can save your business up to 20% on your water and wastewater bills.
  • Tailored services for your business. Water suppliers are excited that you’re interested in making the switch, so they’ll be ready and willing to provide tailored solutions to fit your business wants and needs.
  • Improved customer service. New suppliers in the market are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve and approach water supply and wastewater removal. This attention to detail, complemented by tailored services, makes for an improved customer experience.
  • Increased support. Water efficiency doesn’t only mean lowered bills, but also the improved usage of an increasingly scarce natural resource. Water suppliers can provide the support you need to be more water-efficient.

Ready to start the comparison process? Compare business water rates now.

Let AquaSwitch help you make the switch

At AquaSwitch, we understand what comes with running your business. Dealing with exponential sewerage charges and water bills can be a time-drain and distracting enough to stop you from concentrating you what your business actually does.

Once we’ve found the right supplier for you based on your business needs, we’ll take care of the entire switch, from cutting ties with your current water company to onboarding your new supplier.

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