Tom Melhuish 4 min read

What’s happened to my supplier TOR Water?

TOR Water entered into the newly deregulated water market as a new supplier in April 2017. TOR Water focused on providing water supply to businesses located in the South West of England.

A water supplier’s role is to invoice businesses they serve for their use of water and provide them with customer services. Also referred to as retailers, these companies will pay the local wholesaler for physically providing the infrastructure and maintenance of the water network.

In February 2020 Ofwat, the water regulator revoked TOR Water’s license to provide retail services to new businesses. This action was taken because Tor Water had failed to make payment to the local wholesaler. TOR Water Limited is a failed company and will no longer trade.

TOR Water

A visit to TOR Water’s website will now only yield a cryptic message complaining about “an incompetent regulator… with no confidence in OFWAT, TOR Water has decided with a heavy heart to cease trading with immediate effect. We have ceased to communicate with OFWAT, a decision reasoned from their breathtaking ineptitude and clear lack of capability or understanding.”

Regardless of the reasons for their decision to stop trading, we wanted to set out what this means for you if your business is a customer of TOR Water.

Happily, there will be no interruption to the water supply and the removal of wastewater from your business premises as Ofwat has used its powers to reallocate the customers to a new supplier.

TOR Water customers have been allocated equally between:

  • Smarta Water Limited
  • Sutton and East Surrey Water Services Limited
  • Water 2 Business Limited
  • Yu Water Limited

The reallocation of supply means that one of the above suppliers will provide invoicing of water and customer services to your business.

Your new water supplier will write to your business.

Businesses impacted by the reallocation should be aware of the following potential changes for their business:

  • Customer services – Some suppliers take their role of providing customer services seriously; sadly, others do not. We would recommend searching for your new supplier in Trustpilot to get an idea of what you should expect.
  • Water charges – Different suppliers charge different standing and volumetric charges to the businesses they serve. We recommend that you compare your first bill from your new supplier to the last bill from your old supplier to see if your rates have changed.

If you are not satisfied with your new water supplier, please use our free Comparison Service to see if there is a cheaper and improved alternative. It is important to note that you are not in contract with your new supplier, and you will be free to move away hassle-free.