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Who is my gas and electricity supplier?

There are plenty of situations where you’ll be stuck wondering who your gas or electricity supplier is. This is especially common when moving into a new property.

There are a couple of ways to locate your electricity or gas supplier, and we explore these below:

Who is my electricity supplier?

Knowing your electricity supplier is essential for many reasons.

You can find out who supplies your electricity using your latest electricity bill. If you don’t have a bill, you can locate your electricity supplier by calling your area’s distribution network operator.

RegionPhone Number
North Scotland0345 026 2554
Central and South Scotland0330 1010 300
North East England & Yorkshire0800 0111 3332
North West England0800 195 4141
London, South East England & Eastern England0800 029 4285
Central Southern England0345 026 2554
South West England & South Wales0800 096 3080
East Midlands & West Midlands0800 096 3080
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire & North Wales0330 1010 300

What’s my MPAN Number?

An MPAN number is a code that identifies the electricity supply point at your property. The MPAN is a unique 21-digit number and looks like the following:

S 01 801 104 22 4650 5856 125

Here’s the meaning of the different parts of the MPAN:

  • The profile class: The first two numbers after the S refer to your property’s profile class and give the electricity supplier an idea of the consumption of your property.
  • Meter Time Switch Code (MTC): The MTC is the three numbers following the “Profile class”. It refers to how many registers your electricity meter has.
  • Line Loss Factor (LLF): This indicates the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges that the local network will expect to charge the electricity supplier in your location. These are displayed in the three numbers following the MTC.
  • Distribution ID: The two digits following the LLF. These identify the distribution company for your electricity supply. You can identify the electricity network operator in your area with the distribution ID.
  • Meter Point ID: A unique eight-digit number. Identifies the metering point within the distribution area.
  • Check digit: the last three digits are from the Distributor ID and Meter Point ID numbers. This verifies both.

Who is my gas supplier?

Knowing your gas supplier is essential. To find out who it is, search here through the Find My Supplier Service, or call the Meter Number Helpline: 0870 608 1524.

Or, if you have a bill – your supplier will have their logo at the top.

What is my MPRN number?

The quickest way to find your MPRN number is to look at your gas bill. Most gas suppliers will print your MPRN number on the top of the bill or throughout. You can also find your MPRN using the Find My Supplier tool – by the Meter Point Administration Service or call them on 0870 608 1524.

The MPRN is a 6-11 digit number and looks like the following:


Why do I need to know who supplies my gas and electricity?

You need to know who supplies your gas and electricity because you have to pay for the supply.

To avoid unnecessary late payment charges, it is important to identify your supplier and determine your tariff. If you’ve recently moved into a property, you are likely being supplied under a deemed contract.

Once you’ve found out the terms of the electricity and gas contract, you can look to compare the market for alternative deals.

How do I change my energy supplier?

Changing energy suppliers is usually straightforward, but due to the current energy crisis, no energy suppliers are offering the chance to compare energy prices.

You can provide your details, and we will reach out to you when it’s again possible to make savings by comparing energy deals.

Compare business and household energy

To compare household or business energy suppliers and tariffs, follow the link that applies to you:

How much could you save?

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