Can my multi-site business benefit from consolidated billing?

The role of the water supplier in the deregulated market is to manage customer services for and raise invoices to the businesses it supplies.

​By default, suppliers will raise separate invoices for each premise that they supply water and wastewater services. For multi-site businesses, this can be a time drain with the accounts department needing to process multiple invoices each month from a single water supplier.

​Several of the licensed suppliers now offer consolidated billing for multi-site customers, saving time for your business.

​Our expert partners at AquaSwitch can arrange multi-site quotes for your business with suppliers that offer consolidated billing. Our comparison service will allow you to compare your current cost of water to other available quotes in the market.

​To start the comparison, enter the details of one of your premises and our expert partners will collect the rest of the details to provide you with consolidated business quotes for the water supply of your business.