Multi-Site Businesses

For large businesses operating from many different properties across Britain, water costs can be a significant overhead and an operational headache with invoices coming from many suppliers. The AquaSwitch multi-site tender provides the solution.

  • Consolidated billing with a single supplier.
  • Potential savings of up to 20% of all water charges.
  • Single point of contact for customer services for fast issue resolution.
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If you have multiple properties, please put post code of your head office.

The multi-site tender process

The AquaSwitch multi-site tender is a free, no obligations service that provides a formal report comparing your current water spend across your different sites to a single consolidated quote offered by alternative suppliers.

1. Data collection

Our market experts will collate and analyse your companies water expenditure across each of your properties. All we will need is a list of properties where your business is currently responsible for paying for water. We use these addresses to extract the relevant information from the central market database.

2. Report of current expenditure

Our experts will report back to you an analysis of your current spend, broken down into:

Volumetric spend: These are charges that depend on the amount of water your business actually uses. We can identify instances where water meter readings have not been recently recorded, and there is a risk of your business being overcharged.

Fixed charges: Significant fixed charges such as surface drainage are often levied against large properties. Our water experts can identify specific charges that could be challenged and removed as part of the switching process.

3. Quotation collection process

Our experts will collect tailored quotes from across the market and prepare a report of alternative tariffs available for your portfolio of properties.

This will allow a direct comparison of each charge element between the different suppliers with complete transparency over future bills.

Our experts will advise on the quality of customer service for each supplier. We can provide references and case studies of other large businesses that have benefited from a consolidated switch in the AquaSwitch multi-site tender process.

4. Hassle-free switch

If your business decides to proceed, AquaSwitch will manage the process of switching each property to the new supplier.

The critical thing to remember is that the switching process doesn’t involve any physical changes to the water supply at your properties. The supply of water to your properties will be uninterrupted and unchanged.

Our experts can manage the switching process entirely on your behalf.

Ready to begin?

Please start by providing us with details of your head office property at the top of the page. This will allow us to make an initial assessment of water needs for your business.

Our expert team will then be in touch to commence the multi-site tender process.

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