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Ben Brading

Ben Brading ACA, BSc (hons), ARCS.Ben is the founder of AquaSwitch and an expert in digital comparison services. Ben is a qualified accountant and has ten years of experience working in finance for high-growth tech companies, including uSwitch, Cazoo and Zoopla. Ben holds a degree in Physics from Imperial College London, recently ranked the sixth best university in the world.ACA, Chartered Accountant, ICAEW,BSc (hons),Imperial College of LondonAssociate of the Royal College of ScienceLinkedIn profile

Government scheme for business energy bills: Everything you need to know

Homes and businesses across Britain are facing a difficult winter. Russia has shut off its natural gas pipelines into Europe to punish the West for providing economic and military support to Ukraine. Britain relies on natural gas to generate electricity at power stations and heat with traditional boilers. There simply isn’t enough gas supply to…

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Fuel Mix What is Fuel Mix Disclosure?

Have you ever wondered how your energy supplier generates the electricity it provides to your home? In 2005 the government introduced new legislation that requires your energy supplier to tell you about the origin of your electricity. There are many different ways to generate electricity, each with distinct environmental consequences. The fuel mix disclosure is…

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Smart Energy Smart gadgets in the flexible energy grid

In April 2022, Jonathan Brearley, the Chief Executive of Ofgem, announced the regulator’s intention to make significant investments in energy infrastructure to develop the flexible energy grid. Here we explain the idea of the flexible energy grid, why this development is essential for decarbonisation and how this will affect the energy supply. We explore the…

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Energy price cap The ultimate guide to the energy price cap

The UK is in the grip of the energy crisis. Every day the news is filled with dire warnings about the effect of rising prices on the cost of living. The energy price cap used to be just another obscure Ofgem regulation, but it now sits at the heart of the energy crisis. On 30…

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Energy Tariff Explained Home energy tariffs explained

A “home energy tariff” is an agreement between a mains electricity and gas supplier and a home that uses the electricity and gas. Your energy tariff will determine how charges are calculated on your utility bills. Tariffs come in many different flavours; you have ones in which rates rise and fall with energy prices and…

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British water infrastructure The British water infrastructure

Homes and businesses across the UK enjoy one of the world’s safest water supplies. It’s not something that most people spend a lot of time thinking about, but a lot of work goes into operating the British water infrastructure. British water infrastructure consists of over 400,000 miles of pipes connecting over 50 million properties. Maintaining…

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