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Ben Brading

Ben Brading ACA, BSc (hons), ARCS. Ben is the founder of AquaSwitch and an expert in digital comparison services. Ben is a qualified accountant and has ten years of experience working in finance for high-growth tech companies, including uSwitch, Cazoo and Zoopla. Ben holds a degree in Physics from Imperial College London, recently ranked the sixth best university in the world. ACA, Chartered Accountant, ICAEW,BSc (hons), Imperial College of London Associate of the Royal College of Science LinkedIn profile

Business water suppliers going bust

The principal idea behind the deregulated business water industry is that private companies can apply for a retail licence and compete with other suppliers to offer water services. Without business water suppliers, water companies are a natural monopoly, compelling customers to pay water bills issued by their local water company. Introducing competition among suppliers enhances…

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Dealing with business utilities when moving premises

As businesses evolve, the need often arises to move premises, whether for upscaling, downscaling, or adopting a hybrid working model. But what happens to your business utilities? We’ve prepared a straightforward checklist to help you avoid overpaying for energy and water during the transition between properties. Moving business premises | business utilities checklist Our business…

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Storm sewage Sewage pollution in rivers

“The most recent wastewater discharge data indicates that Thames Water diverted sewage directly into the River Mole for 920 hours in 2023. This is equivalent to 38 days, or almost 10% of the year.” Over the past decade, the British water industry has been sleepwalking into murky waters. A growing proportion of domestic sewage produced…

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Energy efficiency tips for businesses Energy efficiency tips for businesses

In today’s business landscape, energy efficiency isn’t just an environmental responsibility—it’s a strategic move to significantly reduce costs. This article unveils five low-cost, high-impact tips designed to reduce your gas and electricity consumption. We’ve backed each recommendation with facts and figures from scientific research to demonstrate the savings you can expect. Each of our tips…

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Business energy grants Business energy grants

Business energy grants are financial incentives intended to encourage companies to invest in making their business greener. These generous grants are a key part of the government’s building for 2050 plan. Explore how your business can benefit from government energy grants promoting green initiatives, such as heat pump installation, enhanced building insulation, and renewable energy…

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Government scheme for business energy bills: Everything you need to know

UPDATE: The Energy Bill Relief Scheme ended on 1 April 2023. The scheme was replaced by the Energy Bill Discount Scheme. Homes and businesses across Britain are facing a difficult winter. Russia has shut off its natural gas pipelines into Europe to punish the West for providing economic and military support to Ukraine. Britain relies…

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