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How to switch business water suppliers

Our water experts make the process of switching business water suppliers completely hassle-free. With a small amount of paperwork, you’ll soon enjoy cheaper business water rates and better customer service.

Request a quote

Request a quote

Request water quotes for your business with our postcode finder above. Enter your business postcode and a couple of details to begin.

Review the quotes

Review the quotes

Should you decide to take advantage of one of our quotes, we’ll arrange the necessary paperwork with your new supplier.

Switch complete

Switch complete

Once we have your signed contract, we’ll ensure the switch goes smoothly. You’ll soon start receiving your cheaper water bills from your new supplier.

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Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier
Switch Business Water Supplier

Benefits of switching business water suppliers

Here are the key benefits when changing to a new business water supplier.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Switching business water suppliers can help you save up to 20% on your water bills, as newly licensed suppliers offer more competitive rates.

Improved Service

Improved Service

Newer suppliers may offer more innovative and customer-centric services, which can improve your overall water supply experience.

Fixed Rates

Fixed Rates

Securing a fixed water rate for a long period of time. By moving to a new supplier, your business can lock in your retail fee for a fixed period of time.

Can I switch my business water supplier?

Yes, you can switch business water suppliers. Since 2017 any property in England and Scotland that isn’t primarily used as a home can choose its business water supplier.

The history of water deregulation

On deregulation in 2017, the water industry was split into water wholesalers and water suppliers.

Water wholesalers supply clean water and remove wastewater from your property in your local area. Wholesalers maintain the entire water network, from reservoir treatment centres to the pipes that connect to your property.

When there is a problem with your water supply or water meter, your wholesaler will fix the problem.

Businesses cannot switch wholesalers as each looks after the infrastructure in a particular region of the UK.

Your business water supplier purchases water from the wholesaler in bulk and then sells it to their individual business customers anywhere in the country.

Business water supplier responsibilities

  • Accurately invoice your company for water used.
  • Provide customer services and act as a point of contact if anything goes wrong.
  • Arranging for regular meter readings.

The business water supplier provides water and wastewater services to any non-household property in England or Scotland. In the open water market, you can switch business water suppliers.

Change Business Water Suppliers

Have you noticed that your business water bills are higher than usual? Have you seen a steady uptick over the last several years, and you’re not sure why?

Business water rates increase each year in April because:

  • The underlying cost of maintaining the British water and sewerage networks increase each year.
  • In the deregulated water markets business water suppliers are free to increase their prices yearly.

Watching your business water bill continue to rise can be stressful, but the good news is that you don’t have to stick with your current business water supplier.

Thanks to water deregulation, the retail market is open for businesses in England, Scotland and large companies in Wales. This means there’s an opportunity to switch your business water supplier.

What’s included in a business water contract?

AquaSwitch has helped thousands of businesses switch business water suppliers. When making a move to switch water suppliers, it’s necessary to sign a business water contract.

Business water contracts are legally binding, so it’s important to understand what you are signing up for. The terms and conditions in business water can be a little complicated, so here’s our guide to the different items in a business water contract:

Details of your business:

  • Business name – The legal name of your business. This is the business that will be responsible for paying water bills.
  • Business registration number – The registration number of your business on Companies House.
  • Business SIC code – This determines the amount of VAT on your business water bills.
  • Contact name/email address and phone number – The day-to-day contact at your company and their details so your supplier can contact you.

Details of your business water supplier:

  • The name of your supplier – The contract will typically be branded with the logos of the business water supplier who you are contracting, including their legal name and address.
  • TPI name – This will be AquaSwitch if we’ve helped you compare the water market.

Details of your water supply:

  • Supply address(es) – The address of the properties using water services.
  • SPID numbers – A unique identifier used in the water industry for properties connected to the water network (a full guide to SPIDs)
  • Estimated consumption – An estimate of how much water (in cubic meters) each supply point will use annually.
  • Wholesale water rates – A breakdown of the local water company unit and standing charges that apply to your properties (here’s our full guide to business water rates)
  • Retail water rates – The additional charge your business water supplier is adding to your bill for their services.
  • Contract term – The number of months your property will be supplied with water services under the contract terms.

Payment method details

  • Payment terms – In a standard contract, you’ll either pay by direct debit or with BACS with agreed payment terms.
  • Expected yearly charge – Your contract will show an expected annual charge based on your water rates and estimated consumption. This estimated charge will be used for the first invoices until your first water meter readings are recorded.
  • Direct debit details (if applicable) – This is a standard direct debit guarantee form that most people will be familiar with and will include bank account name, number and sort code.

Who can switch their business water supplier?

To be eligible to switch business water suppliers, your property needs to be:

  • Located in England or Scotland
  • Not primarily used as a home

Commercial properties that meet the above definition have been allocated a supply point ID (SPID) that enables the business water supply switching process.

The situation is a little more complex if your business is located in Wales. Only business properties with large water consumption are eligible for switching.

Here’s the full information on business water supplies in Wales.

Where can I find a list of business water suppliers in the UK?

Here’s our full breakdown of licenced business water suppliers in England and Scotland.

In the open water market, business water suppliers compete with each other to acquire new customers. Business water suppliers compete with each other to provide:

Switch Business Water Supplier FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions – answered just for you!

Do I sign a contract when changing business water suppliers?

When a property is supplied with water services from a business water supplier, there are two types of contract:

  • A fixed-term contract – A specific contract you agree on when you switch business water suppliers where business water rates are fixed for a defined period.
  • Deemed contract – Where your property is supplied with water services, but you have not agreed on a fixed-term contract. Under a deemed contract, you will pay default business water rates that rise annually.

When you switch water suppliers, you’ll agree to a fixed-term contract with your new business water supplier. Here are the full details of what’s included in a business water contract.

Will switching business water suppliers affect my water supply?

No. Switching business water suppliers will not affect your water supply. This is because the local water supply infrastructure remains the same, regardless of your chosen supplier.

When you switch business water suppliers, you are still using the same water and wastewater network, and the same quality of water will be supplied to your premises. The new business water supplier will just take over billing and customer service responsibilities.

It’s important to note that some aspects of your water and wastewater services may be affected by switching suppliers, such as the tariffs and pricing plans offered by the new supplier, as well as any additional services or support they provide.

We recommend that you compare business water suppliers before deciding to ensure you choose the one that best meets your business needs.

Should a hotel change business water suppliers?

There are plenty of reasons to switch business water suppliers in general. However, hotels have a lot of baths, showers and toilets that consume vast amounts of water. Chains dominate the hotel industry, so hotel operators generally have to deal with more than one property.

Here are a few benefits hotel decision-makers should consider when looking to change business water supplier:

  • Convenience: If you switch business water supplier across all of your hotels, you can have all of your properties included on one bill, making the payment cycle more efficient.
  • Save money: Hotels can save money on their water bills by switching from out-of-contract water rates. By having multiple hotels on a single consolidated bill, you can also monitor which hotels consume more water and investigate any unwarranted spikes in usage. This will help you become more water-efficient and save money by reducing your consumption by fixing leaks quicker.
  • Sustainable water sources: You can switch to a green water tariff. These sustainable tariffs are environmentally friendly and help preserve water sources.

How much money can I save by switching business water suppliers?

It depends; businesses that have never switched business water suppliers before can save the most. Here’s how much you can expect to save by switching business water suppliers:

  • English properties – Immediate savings between 5-15% on business water rates.
  • Scottish properties – Savings of up to 35% on business water rates.

We can only provide a rough estimate because water rates vary from region to region and depend on the amount of water your business uses.

Find out precisely how much your business can save by switching suppliers with our business water comparison service.

Can I change business water supplier across multiple properties?

Absolutely. By doing a multi-site switch, your business can benefit from significant savings and consolidated billing. All your properties will appear on the same invoice with consolidated billing, making managing your business water costs much more manageable.

Can I switch the water supplier for my holiday let?

Properties classified as “non-household” can switch business water suppliers. However, if your holiday let is recorded as a household, you will not be able to change suppliers using the AquaSwitch compare and switch service.

The best way to find out if your holiday let is a non-household or a household is to check your latest water bill. On the water bill, you’ll be able to see if you are being charged as a household or a non-household.

If a water wholesaler is invoicing you, your property will be a household. If a business water supplier invoices you, your property will be listed as a non-household.

For a list of wholesalers and business water suppliers, please see our table below:

Regional water companiesBusiness water suppliers
Dwr Cymru CyfyngedigAnglian Water Business
Hafren Dyfrdwy CyfyngedigBrightwater
Scottish WaterBusiness Stream
Northumbrian WaterCambrian Utilities
Severn Trent WaterCastle Water
Southern WaterClear Business Water
South West WaterConservAqua
Thames WaterEverflow
United UtilitiesFirst Business Water
Wessex WaterPinnacle Business Water
Yorkshire WaterPure Business Water
Affinity WaterSource for business
Bristol WaterRegent Water
Portsmouth WaterSmarta Water
South East WaterVeolia Water
South Staffordshire WaterThe Water Retail Company
Sutton and East Surrey WaterWater Plus

Can my restaurant switch water suppliers?

Yes, as long as your restaurant is registered and located in a non-household property, you are able to switch your business water supplier.

The easiest way to do this is to use our business water comparison tool.

By switching business water suppliers, restaurants can benefit from lower rates and improved customer service. Our comparison report summarises the rates you pay annually and clearly states the available savings.

What happens when I switch business water supplier?

The water supply details of your property are recorded on a central database overseen by Ofwat and MOSL, the regulators. The database is updated whenever a meter reading is recorded, or anything changes in the supply to your property.

Each supplier has access to this database, allowing for a seamless transfer from one supplier to another.

At the start of the switching process, you’ll sign a fixed contract, committing you to a fixed tariff with your new business water supplier. Your new supplier will then work behind the scenes to arrange for a switch on the central database.

Once complete, you will receive a final bill from your old supplier and your first bill from your new supplier. It really is as simple as that.

The crucial thing to remember is there is no change to how water actually gets to your property. There is no risk of supply interruption or any changes to the water quality you receive.

If I change business water supplier, will this affect my water bills?

Yes, you will sign up for a new tariff when you change business water supplier. Your new tariff will determine how your water bills are calculated.

Using the AquaSwitch business water comparison service, companies can typically save between 10% and 20% on overall water bills.

Can I switch business water supplier in Wales?

Most businesses in Wales are not eligible to switch business water suppliers.

Only Welsh businesses using over 50 million litres of water yearly can switch business water suppliers. In practice, Welsh water deregulation only applies to a handful of industries that use a vast amount of water yearly.

Do I need consent for my trade effluent?

Trade effluent consent is required for commercial properties discharging anything into the sewers that aren’t domestic sewage. The regulators define domestic sewage as wastewater produced by:

  • Toilets
  • Showering and bathing
  • Commercial cooking for sale directly to consumers.
  • Washing dishes and cooking equipment.

Trade effluent is a complex area of the water industry. Check out our complete guide to Trade Effluent.

How long does it take to switch business water supplier?

If you are currently out of contract like most businesses in England, the switching process typically takes five weeks.

It begins with entering your postcode into our smart business water comparison tool and being provided with a range of quotes from water suppliers. You will then select your preferred quote and be sent a contract, Letter of Authority, and a Direct Debit mandate to sign.

Once completed, our business water experts will manage the switching process and will let you know your “go-live date”

If you are currently in a business water contract, you can secure a switch up to 3 months before the contract end date. However, you can’t switch before.

Can a school switch business water suppliers?

Yes, a school can switch business water suppliers. All non-household properties in England and Scotland can switch to a new business water supplier, including schools.

To switch business water suppliers, enter your property details in our postcode finder and compare the different water quotes.

Once you’ve found out how much you can save and want to go ahead with a switch, click “Start the switch”, and one of our experts will manage the process from start to finish.

Do I need to let my supplier know when moving business premises?

When leaving your premises, it’s best to notify your business water supplier before the date you leave. That way, the supplier can arrange for a final meter reading to be taken so they can send you an accurate final bill.

If you are in an existing contract with a business water supplier, but your business is moving or relocating, then your water supplier must release you from your water contract without any additional fees.

Here’s our full guide to utilities when moving business premises.

What information do I need to switch business water supplier?

To change business water suppliers, you need the following details to ensure a smooth switch:

  • The legal name of your business
  • The address where your business is located
  • Your supply point identification number (SPID)*
  • Contact details so we can provide you with your tailored comparison report.

Can my small business change water supplier?

Yes, the suppliers in this guide have a licence from Ofwat or the Water Commission for Scotland to supply any non-household in Britain, both large and small.

The only requirement for small businesses to be able to choose a business water supplier is to have a supply point ID (“SPID”).

All water bills your business receives will display your SPID.

Can I switch business water suppliers if I am a sole trader or self-employed?

Yes, sole traders and self-employed people can switch business water suppliers, but only if the building you want to switch isn’t a home.

Ofwat offers the following guidance on what constitutes a home:

For the purposes of the licensing framework (section 17C WIA91), household premises are those in which, or in any part of which, a person has his home, and where the principal use of the premises is as a home. For example, a farm serves both as the farmer’s home and the farmer’s place of business, but ordinarily its principal use will be as a business. So it would not be a household premise.

Source: Ofwat report

In England and Scotland, you have the right to switch your business water supplier if the water is being supplied to a building that is not a home.

On deregulation, all buildings not considered homes were allocated a water supply point ID.

Can I save money by switching business water supplier?

Yes, you can save money by comparing the different suppliers and moving to a water tariff with lower rates. At AquaSwitch, we’ve helped thousands of businesses save money on their water rates.

Start today by entering your address in our smart water comparison tool above.

Another easy way to save money on water costs is to consider improving the water efficiency of your business.

Here are some quick tips to implement at your company to reduce overall water consumption and save money.

Switch business water supplier jargon buster:

Business water supplier – The company that provides your business with:

  • Invoices for water and wastewater services
  • Customer service
  • Regular water meter readings

Supply Point identifier (SPID) – A unique identifier associated with each water and wastewater supply point in England and Wales. The SPID is used in the water industry to allow seamless transfer from one water supplier to another.

Trade Effluent – Where a business discharges any liquid produced in a business property by a trade or production activity into the sewers. Trade effluent will be charged separately by your business water supplier. Your switch to a new business water supplier will include the trade effluent charges.

Water audit – The process of analysing historical water charges paid by your business to identify mistakes that represent overcharging. We recommend that large companies conduct a water audit alongside your water switch.

Water wholesalers – The regional company responsible for maintaining the water and wastewater networks and providing high-quality potable water.

Ready for a change? Simplify the switch with AquaSwitch

Switching business water suppliers doesn’t have to be confusing and tedious. At AquaSwitch, we want to eliminate the stress of changing water suppliers.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the water supply industry, we can work on your behalf as an intermediary and help you find a supplier that will get you the best possible rate for your business.

Interested in connecting with AquaSwitch? Our process is simple:

First, we’ll ask you to add your postcode to begin switching water suppliers. To provide details that will give us an inside look at the water supply that meets your business needs.

Most of the information we need can be found on your last water bill, so keep that handy while filling out the form.

Our experts will then collect bespoke fixed tariff quotes for your business and let you know how much you can save compared to your current tariff.

Remember, you don’t have to worry about contacting any suppliers; our experts will do all of the research and quote collection to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Finally, once we’ve found a quote you feel confident about, one of our water specialists will finalise the switch and take care of all of the onboarding processes that come with working with a new water supplier.

You don’t have to worry about disconnecting service with your old supplier; you only need to smile and think about how much money you will save now that you have made the official switch.

See? Making business moves doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming.

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