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What is an independent gas transporter?

Have you noticed that the National Grid does not manage the gas pipeline to your property? Independent gas transporters now form a significant part of the national gas network.

Here’s our concise guide to what you need to know about independent gas transporters.

What is an independent gas transporter?

An independent gas transporter is a private company that owns and manages the last stretch of gas pipes that connect your property to the British gas distribution network.

Pipelines around the UK deliver gas directly to properties, with the national transmission network owned by one organisation, the National Grid. The National Grid connects five regional gas distribution networks. Below the regional networks, some pipes are operated by private companies known as independent gas transporters.

Independent gas transporters have been regulated since 2004 and function in the same way as a National Grid gas supply.

How can I tell if my business is using an independent transporter?

The easiest way to check if you’re on an independent gas transporter network is to check your gas meter number.

You are on an IGT network if your gas meter number begins with 74, 75, 76, or 77.

Depending on your business energy supplier, you may also see “IGT” appearing on the first page of your gas bill.

Are there additional charges when using an independent gas transporter?

Independent gas transporters do not charge you directly; they charge the energy suppliers who use their network. But you don’t need to worry as IGTs have been regulated since 2004, which means they cannot charge more than the local network that the pipes are connected to.

Business gas prices will be the same regardless of whether you are connected directly to the National Grid or via an IGT.

Can I switch gas suppliers when using an independent gas transporter?

Yes, you can. The process for switching business energy is the same as any other commercial property.

All you need to do is enter the following key details, and you’ll be provided with a business gas comparison report. Here are the details you will need to provide:

Once we have these details, we can provide you with an accurate report, and you can compare the relevant information and choose the tariff you wish to switch to. Our Business energy experts will then manage the switch for you, making it seamless and efficient.

Use our business gas comparison tool and save your business money with improved gas rates.

Who are the independent gas transporters in the UK?

Here’s a list of the independent gas transporters based in the UK. These are all regulated, official, independent gas transporters.

  • GTC Pipelines
  • Independent pipelines
  • Indigo Pipelines Limited
  • ES Pipelines
  • Energetics
  • Energy Assets Pipelines Limited
  • Fulcrum Pipelines
  • Murphy Gas Networks Limited
  • Leep Gas Networks Limited

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