About us

Here at AquaSwitch we believe in water freedom. In April 2017 British water regulations changed, giving companies a choice of who supplies their water. Fast forward three years and we see only a handful of companies taking this opportunity.

Our mission

The water market is difficult to understand. Regulators, wholesalers and suppliers only make a small effort to be understood by their customers. Suppliers benefit from the lack of transparency because they retain and continue to profit from the customers they inherited in 2017.

We believe in a better way.

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To provide increased transparency in the water market.

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To increase awareness for companies who are able to switch.

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To provide a high quality service and efficiency when companies switch supplier.

Our business

We want to provide total transparency into how our business works and how we earn our revenues. AquaSwitch provides a comparison and switching service that allows British businesses to benefit from deregulation of the water market.

AquaSwitch works with a small number of trusted partners to broker an agreement between the new supplier and our customer at the best rate available in the market. For the introduction of a new customer the supplier will pay a small brokerage commission.

In industry jargon, we are described as a ‘third party intermediary’ since we are not a supplier and work on behalf of water customers. AquaSwitch fully complies with the voluntary third-party intermediary code of conduct published by Ofwat, the water market regulator