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What is a Supply Point Identification Number?

On deregulation of the British water industry, the regulators assigned a unique identifier to every non-household property across the country, known as the supply point identification number or “SPID”.

Every commercial premise will have a supply point identification number (SPID) for their freshwater supply and/or sewerage supply, but sometimes it’s difficult to locate.

This guide will look at a SPID number, where to find it, and some frequently asked questions to help you out.

What is a Supply Point Identification Number?

The Supply Point Identification Number, also known as the SPID number, is a ten-digit code followed by a number used to locate your water supply point. It will look something like this:


All non-household properties with a mains water supply have a SPID number, and it stays the same, even if you decide to switch water suppliers. The wholesale water network uses the supply point ID system to identify a business site that is using water.

SPID numbers are categorised based on location, with English SPIDs beginning “3” and Scottish SPID’s beginning “1” or “2”.

When a new business premise is built or a household becomes a business (such as a holiday let), the property will be assigned a SPID and registered on the non-household wholesale water network.

Each business premises will generally have one SPID number for fresh water and another SPID number for sewerage to allow wastewater removal.

New properties that have yet to be allocated an SPID by a water wholesaler are known as gap sites. Find out more in our comprehensive guide to gap sites.

Where can I find my SPID number?

The easiest way to find your SPID will be from your latest business water bill. You will usually find this on page 3, where the meter readings are shown, and your business water rates are calculated.

If you can’t locate a water bill, call up your current business water supplier, and they’ll be able to tell you based on your address.

A third option is to physically locate your water meter, usually on the pavement outside your property. On the water meter, you should see a water meter ID, another unique identifier associated with your meter. If you give this meter number to your current water supplier, they should tell you it’s associated with SPID.

Why do I have two SPID numbers?

You’ll have one SPID number for your freshwater supply, which will be ten digits, followed by the letter ‘W’ and two more digits. This is your freshwater supply SPID number.

The second number is for your sewerage. This will also be ten digits long, then an ‘S’ followed by one more digit and an ‘X’.

Will my SPID number ever change?

No. Your SPID number will never change. You will only have a different SPID number if you decide to move business premises.

What is a SPID number used for?

Retailers and wholesalers use the SPID number to identify the water supply specific to your business. It’s an integral part of the non-household water system that identifies your business as a point where clean water is supplied and wastewater is removed.

Against your SPID, the wholesaler records the amount of water used, wastewater removed, and the rates of other business water charges.

If you switch business water suppliers, you will need to provide your SPID number as part of the process to allow us to calculate an accurate business water quote.

Do I need a SPID number to switch my water supplier?

In short, you do. If you are struggling to find this information, we advise you to contact your current supplier or follow the instructions above to locate it on your latest water bill.

However, you can submit an enquiry on our form without a SPID number and using your business address and name; we may be able to locate the SPID for you.

If we can’t, we will not be able to provide you with accurate quotes. We advise the best route is to contact your water supplier directly.

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