Business Water Guides

At AquaSwitch we aim to provide increased transparency for customers in the business water market. We have assembled the following guides to help customers understand the water market and how it impacts their business.

Business Water Rates Calculator

Do you want to know how much your business will pay for its water usage? Our in-house water experts have built Britain’s first business water rates calculator! By answering a few simple questions, our calculator will provide an estimate of your annual water bill based on the 2023/24 regional default business water rates for small…

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default business water tariff Default business water tariffs

The latest Ofwat State of the Market report shows that only 14% of English businesses have switched their business water supplier, and only 10% have renegotiated their water rates with their current supplier. This means that more than 75% of English companies pay for their water with a default business water tariff. This article explores…

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Mega batteries: Pumped-storage Hydroelectric (PSH)

Did you know that intermittent renewables are a headache for grid operators? Did you know that grid operators have an altar dedicated to Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric (PSH) in their homes, which they pray to every day before going to work? Did you know that PSH has been secretly enabling the renewables revolution of the last decade?…

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Changing Premises How to set up a business water supply when moving properties

Moving your business from one property to another is a daunting task creating a seemingly endless list of jobs. Right at the bottom of the list is dealing with the water supply. The taps are all working at the new office, so there’s not much to worry about, right? Well, not quite. In this article,…

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MOSL Who are MOSL?

The English commercial water is a complex network of different organisations all in some way involved in delivering water and removing wastewater from business properties. One key component of the market that most people haven’t heard of is MOSL. MOSL are a non-profit organisation of about 60 people working together in an office in Southampton….

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British water infrastructure The British water infrastructure

Homes and businesses across the UK enjoy one of the world’s safest water supplies. It’s not something that most people spend a lot of time thinking about, but a lot of work goes into operating the British water infrastructure. British water infrastructure consists of over 400,000 miles of pipes connecting over 50 million properties. Maintaining…

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