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The benefits of comparing business water suppliers

Over 80% of companies in England have never changed their water supplier and are paying unnecessarily high water bills.

Why not try our business water comparison service today to see how much you could save?

Here are the key benefits of comparing business water suppliers:

Saving money

Saving money

Compare quotes tailored to your business and save as much as 20% on business water bills.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Get responsive and helpful customer service that resolves issues quickly and painlessly.

Tailored Service

Tailored Service

All your properties consolidated into a single water bill and access to additional services.

How to compare business water rates

Our business water comparison service is easy. We just need a few bits of information found on a recent bill to collect quotes for your business:

Business Details

Business Details

Simply enter your business’s postcode. Our address finder will search for the details of your company.

Supply Information

Supply Information

We’ll ask for your SPID number to get the details of your water supply and annual water consumption.

Contact details

Contact details

We ask for your contact details so our water experts can talk you through your business water comparison.

Compare business water rates

Business water rates are complex, with most companies receiving water bills that include:

  • Standing charges – Fixed daily charges to maintain the network of pipes to and from your property.
  • Volumetric fees – Fees for each cubic meter of water your business uses and wastewater it produces.
  • Highway and surface drainage charges – Fees for draining rainwater that lands on your property.
  • Retail charges – An additional charge from your business water supplier to cover customer service costs.

To further complicate matters, these charges vary depending on the location and size of your property.

Our business water comparison service cuts through the complexity to precisely tell you how much your business can save.

Our business water experts have developed the industry’s first business water rates calculator to help you understand how these different charges work.

Comparing green business water suppliers

Small businesses are increasingly looking for ways to operate more sustainably. Unfortunately, there are several environmental costs associated with the water industry, namely:

  • The electricity used to pump water from reservoirs to your business property is generated by burning fossil fuels.
  • Treating the sewage produced by your company produces strong greenhouse gasses as a by-product.
  • Storm overflows regularly result in untreated sewage being discharged into rivers.

Green business water suppliers are now entering the market to offer carbon-neutral water tariffs. In a green water tariff, your business water supplier will offset greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • Directly investing in carbon-negative projects such as planting forests.
  • Investing in carbon credits.

Compare green business water suppliers with AquaSwitch today.

Can you compare business water rates?

Owners and occupiers of non-domestic properties in England and Scotland can compare business water rates. This includes:

  • Commercial properties
  • Farms
  • Charities and other non-profits
  • Religious buildings
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Public buildings

Comparing business water is easy with AquaSwitch. Our business water comparison service tells you how much your business can save by agreeing a fixed water tariff.

Start your comparison by entering your postcode above.

Who are the best business water suppliers to compare?

There’s no easy answer to which business water supplier is best. Over 20 suppliers compete to offer the best service and the lowest prices.

Although we don’t know the best business water supplier for your company, we can tell you which supplier attracts the most new customers.

According to industry data from the first half of 2024, here are the suppliers acquiring the most customers:

Comparison of business water supplier switching rates - 2024

Source: MOSLMarket switching dashboard 1 January 2024 to 30 June 2024

By a large margin, the business water supplier Everflow has signed up the most new customers in 2024.

Use our business water comparison service to find out which supplier currently offers your business the most competitive rates.

What to look out for when you compare business water suppliers

When choosing a business water supplier, it’s crucial to understand the services they provide.

A business water supplier will regularly read your meter and charge your business based on the water used. If there are any issues with your water supply, their customer service team is on hand to assist.

Some business water suppliers do an excellent job, while others do not. Here are the factors you should consider when comparing business water suppliers:

<h3>Customer service</h3>

Customer service

Some suppliers take customer experience more seriously than others. A quick Google search of Trustpilot scores will help give you an idea of service levels.

<h3>Water efficiency</h3>

Water efficiency

Some suppliers can assess the water efficiency of your business and provide solutions to reduce unnecessary water consumption.

<h3>Smart water meters</h3>

Smart water meters

Some suppliers can install smart water meters to measure your water consumption daily, allowing them to bill more accurately and detect leaks.

<h3>Cheapest water tariffs</h3>

Cheapest water tariffs

Suppliers compete on business water rates in the open water market. Use the AquaSwitch business water comparison to find the cheapest.

<h3>Green water supplies</h3>

Green water supplies

Consider a sustainable business water tariff that offsets the carbon emissions associated with your water supply and treatment of sewage.

<h3>Billing and payments</h3>

Billing and payments

Check how often each supplier will bill you for water used and whether they bill in advance or in arrears. Consider your preferred payment option.

Why should I compare business water prices in England and Scotland?

The markets for commercial water were deregulated in 2008 in Scotland and in 2017 in England, giving businesses the power to choose who supplies their water. By introducing competition into the market, the regulators have encouraged more innovative suppliers to enter the market.

Poor customer service is one of the top reasons to compare business water suppliers. The newer business water suppliers that have entered the market since 2017 are often more focused on providing a good customer experience.

AquaSwitch Founder Tom Melhuish says, “The open water market offers a huge untapped opportunity for business owners.”

“Thousands of businesses across the country are paying unnecessarily high water rates and can make an immediate saving with a hassle-free switch to a more competitive water supplier.”

Find out how much your business can save today by comparing business water rates with AquaSwitch.

Large business water rates comparison

The AquaSwitch multi-site comparison solution helps businesses with properties nationwide manage and save money on their water supply.

Commercial water bills can become highly complex with high consumption tariffs and trade effluent charges. Additionally, business water rates vary from region to region because local water companies use different schemes to charge businesses for their water.

Our experts cut through the complexity to prepare a concise business water comparison report, enabling you to compare current water expenditure to available alternatives.

The multi-site tender helps your business by:

  • Reviewing and verifying all current business water rates for accuracy.
  • Consolidating all your properties into one contract with a single supplier who will put all charges on a single, easy-to-understand invoice.
  • Achieving savings of up to 20% on overall business water rates.
  • Give your business a single point of contact for customer services for fast issue resolution.

Compare business water suppliers today, and see if your business can benefit from a multi-site water tariff today.

The AquaSwitch business water comparison process

At AquaSwitch, we empower businesses to get more from their water suppliers. Commercial water is complicated, and we help our customers avoid the traps of:

  • Needlessly expensive deemed contracts.
  • Suppliers with poor levels of customer service.
  • Unfavourable automatic contract rollovers.
  • Bewildering rates and tariffs.

We make switching to a new business water supplier seamless and straightforward with our easy-to-use business water rates comparison service.

We leverage our special relationships with business water suppliers to ensure you get the best business water prices.

If you decide to take advantage of better service and lower prices offered by another supplier, our experts will take care of a hassle-free switch on your behalf. It’s as simple as that.


Compare business water prices – FAQs

Our business water experts answer common questions on business water comparison.

What are the types of water meters?

Most British commercial properties have a water meter that measures mains water consumption. Water companies usually hide their water meters below a cover on the pavement outside your property.

Find your meter using our visual guide to finding water meters.

Water meters come in three types:

  • A traditional water meter – One that only displays water used on a dial that requires manual reading.
  • A smart water meter – An upgraded water meter that transmits water consumption to your business water supplier using wireless or 4G communications.
  • An AMR water meter – A water meter where the local water company has installed a wireless device that allows them to record a meter reading by driving a van with a sensor nearby.

Here’s our full guide to submitting a water meter reading.

Will business water prices increase in the future?

As with most services, water prices tend to increase over time as the costs of maintaining and operating the water network rise.

Each year in April, Ofwat adjusts the underlying wholesale water rates to reflect the increasing costs of the water network.

On the 1st of April 2024, default water rates increased by an average of 9%, with significant regional variations. Here’s a link to our complete guide to the 2024 business water rates increase.

Can universities compare business water suppliers?

Yes, universities can compare business water suppliers. Comparing suppliers not only gives you the ability to save money – but also offers you the opportunity to consolidate your billing.

Universities that have multiple buildings often find the billing process time-consuming. Using our business comparison tool, you can move all your premises onto one, making it easy to manage bills and saving time and money.

We’ve helped universities identify other ways to save money by undertaking a water audit and reducing unnecessary water consumption.

How long can I fix my business water rates for?

Typically, in fixed business water tariff contracts, the term ranges between one and three years. In such a contract, the retail fee levied by your business water supplier remains fixed throughout the term, while the underlying wholesale rates change each April.

When you compare business water rates with AquaSwitch, our experts will be able to calculate your potential savings in a one, two, or three-year contract.

Can I compare small business water rates?

Yes, small businesses can compare and switch business water suppliers, as long as the property used by your business isn’t a home.

Small businesses can make significant savings by switching away from default water contracts. Compare the water market today and determine how much your micro business can save.

For more information, here’s our guide to water rates for small businesses.

How often should I compare business water suppliers?

The most cost-effective strategy for a company to reduce business water rates is to compare the market for cheaper rates during the last three months of your current water tariff. This approach avoids unnecessarily expensive default business water charges.

In Britain, many businesses have never switched suppliers and could realise significant savings today by simply switching to a fixed business water tariff.

Who benefits from the cheapest business water supply?

The underlying cost of providing clean water to businesses across Britain depends significantly on water scarcity in your region.

Businesses in the South West of England suffer from the highest volumetric water charges. In Devon and Cornwall, annual rainfall is less than most of the country, and the distance that pipes need to travel is greater.

This means that the underlying cost of providing clean water is greater, a cost that is passed through to businesses in business water supplier charges.

In contrast, rainfall is more frequent in the Thames Water and the Anglian region, and the density of properties is higher, resulting in lower rates.

Ultimately, there is little you can do about the region in which your business is located. However, changing to a cheaper business water supplier can go a long way in reducing costs.

Can a school compare business water suppliers?

Yes, schools can compare business water suppliers since they are classified as non-household properties, so they can benefit from the deregulated water market. Schools can use our business water comparison service to compare quotes.

Start the comparison process with our simple form, letting us know your:

  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • SPID Number

Compare business water quotes.

How can I reduce my business water bill?

AquaSwitch offers advice on several ways to reduce your business water bill.

The simplest way to reduce your business water bill is to get the cheapest possible business water rates. Compare business water rates with AquaSwitch today to quickly find the best deals on offer in the market.

A second way to reduce your business water bill is to reduce unnecessary water consumption; here are a few ways to do it:

  • Check your property for leaks – Businesses can spend thousands of pounds on water leaking from broken pipes. Check out our complete guide to commercial water leaks.
  • Rainwater harvesting – Some businesses use tap water to water plants in the garden. Happy plants can be achieved for free through simple rainwater harvesting.
  • Tap aerators – Tap aerators reduce the volume of water used in a sink by introducing air into the water flow.

For more ideas on reducing your water consumption, read our full guide on reducing your water consumption as a business.

How long into my current contract can I compare business water suppliers?

With the AquaSwitch comparison service, you can compare your current tariff with the market anytime.

However, if you are in a fixed-term contract with your existing water supplier, you can only switch business water suppliers when your current contract ends.

At AquaSwitch, we can arrange a switch up to three months before your contract’s end date. You can avoid expensive out-of-contract rates by organising your switch ahead of time.

Can a farm compare business water suppliers?

Absolutely; at AquaSwitch, we’ve helped many farms compare business water rates and make a hassle-free switch.

In fact, agriculture is the highest water-consuming industry in the UK. In the dry summer months, many farms rely on a mains water supply to irrigate their crops, so getting a good deal on water tariffs is important to keeping costs down.

Farms generally will incur only minimal wastewater charges since the water they use doesn’t return to the drains. Our business water experts have helped farm owners by checking that these sewerage charges are fairly calculated on their bills.

Water consumption at farms tends to vary from season to season. Using historical meter reading data, our experts calculate an average annual cost for water and compare this to get the best quotes currently on offer in the market.

Do I need a SPID number to compare business water suppliers?

The Supply Point ID (SPID) is a unique identifier used in the water market. Our water experts use your SPID to look up:

  • The size of your water meter
  • Historical water consumption of your property
  • The surface area of your property

Your SPID is displayed on all business water bills. However, if you are still looking for it, our water experts may be able to locate your SPID based on your business name and address through our business water comparison service.

Simply start with your postcode using our business water comparison service.

Can I compare business water suppliers if I’m based in Wales?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies in Wales cannot choose the supplier of their water services.

The exception is businesses that consume over 50 million litres of water annually. Fifty million litres is a vast amount of water, which is only applicable to a few industrial activities.

Can I compare water suppliers for my house?

Unfortunately not. Currently, in the UK, you cannot compare water suppliers. Homes are supplied by the local water wholesaler, the company that operates the water network in your area.

You can check who your water supplier is here and review the cost of domestic water vs business water.

There was a discussion surrounding the possibility of allowing the household market to switch to a private water supplier; however, that has fallen down the priority list due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the Ofwat report here.

How can I compare the customer services of different business water suppliers?

Comparing the levels of customer service before moving to a new supplier is important. You want to have a responsive customer service team who will quickly resolve any issues that arise.

To begin with, you will want to review their customer reviews – we recommend hopping over to Trustpilot to get an idea of what past and present customers have experienced.

It’s then worth looking at additional factors, including:

  • Complaints – Look at the number and nature of complaints made against each supplier. You can find this information on the Consumer Council for Water website.
  • Response times – See how quickly each supplier responds to queries and customer complaints. You can test this by making a phone call or sending an email and tracking the response time.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) – Compare the SLAs offered by different suppliers regarding response times, fault resolution times, and customer support hours.
  • Additional services – Check if the suppliers offer additional services such as water efficiency advice, leak detection, or flexible billing options, which can indicate a higher level of customer care.

By comparing these factors, you can decide which business water supplier provides the best customer service.

Compare business water suppliers – The jargon explained

Business water supplier – A company with a licence to provide water and wastewater services to non-household properties.

Non-household property – A property eligible to change business water suppliers in the open water market, primarily used for purposes other than as a home.

Smart water meter – A water meter that transmits water readings automatically.

Supply Point ID (“SPID”) – A ten-digit code used in the water industry to identify individual water supply points.

Water efficiency – Reducing unnecessary water consumption by avoiding wastage, fixing leaks and installing water efficiency devices.

Business water rates – Charges levied by business water suppliers for clean water supply, wastewater removal and surface drainage. Business water rates include the wholesale water rates and the retail fee.

Wholesale water rates – Charges levied by your regional wholesaler to your chosen business water supplier for maintaining the local water and sewerage networks used by your business.

Retail fee – A charge your business water supplier levies for providing customer services, invoicing, and meter readings to your business.

Return to sewerage allowance – A ratio used by business water suppliers to calculate the volume of water returned to the sewers based upon the volume of potable water used measured by your water meter.

Default business water tariff – The water rates charged to businesses that are out of contract and have never switched from their original business water supplier.