Water Bill Validation

Commercial water bills are complicated. Volumetric charges, fixed charges, surface drainage and trade effluent, all have different tariffs depending your location and water consumption.

What is a water bill validation service?

A water bill validation service actively reviews your business’s water bills to ensure they’re accurate and fair – checking your meter readings and business water rates to find mistakes.

This service can spot errors in billing, find ways to save money and suggest changes to ensure you only pay for the water you’ve used from your business water supplier.

We help businesses cut down on water costs and avoid overspending.

Why will water bill validation help my business

Water bill validation ensures accurate billing and reveals significant savings opportunities, directly impacting your business.

By tackling overcharges and streamlining costs, water bill validation is essential for financial efficiency and sustainability in today’s competitive business environment.

Here’s are the key benefits:

Accuracy in billing

Accuracy in billing

Ensures you are charged accurately for the water you actually use, preventing overpayments.



Encourages responsible water usage by highlighting inefficiencies contributing to environmental sustainability efforts.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Identifies overcharges and errors, leading to potential refunds or credits, directly saving money.

Financial management

Financial management

Helps in better budgeting and financial planning by providing predictable water costs.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Streamlines managing water bills, freeing up resources for other business areas.

The AquaSwitch water bill validation service

Our water experts scrutinise your current and past bills to ensure your company’s water charges are accurate.

All you need to do is provide invoices from the last 12 months for each water connection.

For businesses with multiple properties, confirming the correct water tariff becomes trickier – send us your latest bills for each property, and we’ll conduct a thorough validation review for your entire business, ensuring peace of mind over your water expenses.

This is how our process works:

Step 1

Step 1

Send us your latest invoices relating to the property you wish us to review, including historical invoices, if you have these available.

Step 2

Step 2

Our experts will review your invoices, recalculating all charges from the first principles using your wholesaler’s scheme of charges.

Step 3

Step 3

We will report back our findings of any discrepancies noted. We’ll Highlight any areas where rebates can be requested and recommendations to save money on your water supply.

What are we looking for in our water bill review?

How water and wastewater services are billed depends on where your business is located and a number of very specific factors to your business.

Confusingly the way these charges are presented in the business water bill depends on your water supplier. Here are a number of areas that our water experts are looking out for in their review:

  • Incorrectly applied tariffs
  • Excessive surface drainage charges that can challenge
  • Excessive use of estimated consumption in your billing
  • Excessive retail charges that can be renegotiated
  • Miscalculation of the Mogden Formula for trade effluent charges
  • Incorrectly applied rateable values
  • Increases in consumption that could indicate a leak

Water bill review and validation

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Water Bill Validation FAQs

Here are your most common questions answered.

Why do errors occur on business water bills?

Errors on business water bills can occur due to incorrect meter readings, misapplied tariffs, billing for non-existent services, or inaccurate surface water drainage charges.

Sudden increases in usage that might indicate leaks are often overlooked. These errors are usually due to administrative mistakes or oversight, leading to potential overcharges.

How much does a water bill validation cost?

Our water bill validation is free of charge, and most companies will not charge you for it. However, most will charge a percentage of your refund from a business water audit. We advise you to ask your preferred auditor upfront about the charges.

How often should water bills be validated?

Water bills should be validated at least once every billing period to ensure accuracy and cost efficiency. For businesses with high water usage, more frequent validations may be beneficial to quickly identify and address any discrepancies or inefficiencies.

Why is water bill validation important?

Water bill validation is crucial for ensuring billing accuracy, preventing overcharges, and identifying potential leaks or inefficiencies in water usage.

It helps businesses manage costs effectively and secure refunds for billing errors. Regular validation supports financial savings and sustainable water management practices.

Can water bill validation lead to refunds?

Yes, water bill validation can lead to refunds.

If the validation process uncovers errors, overcharges, or discrepancies in billing, customers may be entitled to a refund or credit for the overpaid amounts. Overcharges of water can be reclaimed up to a period of six years.

This process ensures businesses only pay for the water they use and are not financially penalised due to billing inaccuracies.