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Where can I find my MPRN?

This guide will cover what an MPRN is and where you can find your business MPRN number. An MPRN number is needed to locate your gas supply when comparing or switching your gas tariffs.

What does MPRN stand for?

MPRN stands for Meter Point Reference Number. They are occasionally known as the “M Number”.

What is an MPRN?

An MPRN is a number that’s unique to your gas supply point, not to be confused with an MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) for electricity.

The MPRN is used to identify individual supply points, so everyone’s is different. The MPRN is made up of numbers between 6-11 digits. The MPRN will not contain letters.

Where can I find my MPRN?

Your MPRN will be printed on your business gas bill. Most business gas suppliers print the MPRN number on your gas bill’s first or second page. You will not find the MPRN on the actual gas meter box; the code here is your meter serial number.

Alternatively, you can find your business MPRN by using the Find My Supplier tool – by the Meter Point Administration Service or call them on 0870 608 1524.

Your MPRN should not be confused with your gas supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on the meter itself. Some recent gas meter installations have the MPRN identified on the meter itself; although this practice is helpful, it is still rare.

What does the MPRN look like?

The MPRN is a 6-11 digit number, and an example of an MPRN is:


Is the meter number the same as MPRN?

No. The meter number will be found on your gas meter box and is a combination of letters and numbers that help identify the meter.

The MPRN is not found on the meter box and on the gas supply itself.

Why do I need an MPRN?

If you’re moving to new premises or simply switching your business energy supplier, you need to provide your business energy broker with your MPRN. This way, they will efficiently locate your gas supply and switch you onto a new business energy contract.

The numbers are unique, allowing your supplier to locate your supply accurately.

Will my MPRN change if I switch business gas suppliers?

It depends if you are moving business premises. If you stay on the same premises but switch gas suppliers, your MPRN will remain the same as it’s linked to the gas supply to a specific property.

If you’re moving property and switching suppliers, your new property will have its own MPRN, so your MPRN will change.

The MPRN is linked to the physical location of the gas supply.

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