The AquaSwitch Editorial Process

At AquaSwitch, we’re committed to providing practical, informative and digestible guides for consumers of water and energy. Our content is written by real, in-house experts. Here we discuss our writing and editorial processes.

Initial research

We aim to produce content that is relevant, informative and topical.

Our in-house utility experts scour the latest industry developments. We’ll use our industry expertise to produce editorial that includes:

  • Latest news pages
  • Utility guides
  • Comparison pages
  • FAQs
  • Tech and niche topics

Our research ensures our content is current and relevant for prospective customers looking for information. We always aim to provide an unbiased view of the individual subject.

We want the reader to take away a better understanding of the subject, empowering them to make informed decisions.

We then assign the editorial to a specific writer

Once the initial research on the topic is completed, we hand over the article or guide to one of our specialist writers, who then take it on from there and research in more detail and begin to write the initial draft.

Our team of writers can be found on our writing team page, and you can view their individual profiles here:

In-depth research using industry-leading publications

Research into each topic is undertaken by one of our industry-expert writers, who will build out the initial skeleton of the editorial piece and write the first draft.

The statistics we use are always referenced back to their source, including relevant industry bodies, experts and educational publications.

Our industry expert writer will complete the first draft, ready for the first review.

First review

Once the first draft has been written, another writer will review the content and make changes, updates and suggestions.

This review includes both factual and grammatical changes. We look at the structure to ensure it’s well-written and makes sense.

Updates to the initial draft are reviewed, with any suggestions answered. We upload the final draft to our CMS, ensuring all the necessary additional information is added (URL, headings, tags, accompanying images etc.)

Final draft review

Once the final draft has been uploaded onto the CMS, the draft page will be assigned to a third writer to review. The writer will check all references, grammar, links, and content accuracy, including stats and any information referenced from another source or publication.

Any further changes will be made directly in the CMS, and the article/guide will then be added to the schedule to be published on the correct date according to the AquaSwitch content schedule.

Live Review

When a page goes live, a final review is undertaken to check that no errors have slipped through the editorial process. If any small changes are made, these are made directly to the page and refreshed for the reader.

Continued live updates

Stats and information are always changing. We always look to update and ensure the most up-to-date statistical information is on the article to give accurate information to the consumer.

At AquaSwitch, we want to provide accurate information and guides that empower readers and customers to make better water and energy choices.