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How do I find my MPAN?

The MPAN is a unique identifier associated with electricity supply points in the UK and is used to locate your supply point if you wish to switch suppliers or have an issue with your supply.

This guide covers everything you need to know about MPAN numbers and where to find them.

What does MPAN stand for?

MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number, also known as the “S Number” or “Supply number”.

What is an MPAN?

An MPAN is an identification code that identifies the electricity supply point on your property. MPANs are used by all commercial energy suppliers.

The MPAN is a unique 21-digit number associated with a specific address. If your business moves properties, then your MPAN will change.

An MPAN is made of 21-digits and looks like this:

S 01 801 104 22 4650 5856 125

The MPAN often starts with the letter S, hence known as an “S Number”. The MPAN is made of:

  • The profile class: The first two numbers after the S refer to your property’s profile class and give the electricity supplier an idea of the premise’s average business energy consumption and whether you are a home electricity (01/02) or a business electricity customer (03 – 08). A profile class greater than 05 means you’ll have a half-hourly energy meter.
  • Meter Time Switch Code (MTC): The three numbers following the “Profile class” refer to how many registers your electricity meter has (sets of meter numbers or dials). For example, does it have a single rate meter or a split meter (day/night)?
  • Line Loss Factor (LLF): The next three digits indicate the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges that the local distribution network will expect to charge the electricity supplier in your location.
  • Distribution ID: The two digits following identify the distribution company for your electricity supply. Using this number, you can figure out who operates the electricity network in your area.
  • Meter Point ID: This is a unique eight-digit number used to identify the metering point within the distribution area.
  • Check digit: the last three-digit sum calculated from the Distributor ID and Meter Point ID numbers, which verifies both of the numbers.

The MPAN is the electricity supply equivalent of MPRN, a unique identifier for comparing business gas supply points.

Where can I find my MPAN?

You can find your MPAN by looking at a recent business energy bill. It’s usually on the first or second page in a box marked ‘Supply number’.

You can also find out the MPAN of your property by calling the DNO (distribution network operator) in your area. Here’s a list of the different DNO’s and locations:

RegionElectricity Distribution CompanyMPAS service number
North ScotlandScottish and Southern Electricity Networks0800 048 3515
Central and Southern ScotlandSP Energy Networks0330 1010 300
North East England and YorkshireNorthern Powergrid0800 011 3332
North West EnglandElectricity North West0800 195 4141
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North ShropshireSP Energy Networks0330 1010 300
East Midlands & West MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0800 096 3080
South Wales & South West EnglandWestern Power Distribution0800 096 3080
London, South East England & Eastern EnglandUK Power Networks0800 029 4285
Southern EnglandScottish and Southern Electricity Networks0800 048 3516
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Electricity Networks03457 643 643

Are you looking to switch business electricity suppliers?

An MPAN is essential for the process of switching business energy suppliers. Commercial energy suppliers will use an MPAN to prepare their business energy quotes.

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