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Best Business Gas Suppliers | May 2024

Businesses across Britain need a reliable mains gas supply to heat water and to keep offices warm. Having a business gas supplier that you can trust is essential. But which business gas supplier is best?

Our in-house business energy experts have ranked business energy suppliers based on a range of categories. Jump to our rankings of business gas suppliers:

Biggest Business Gas Suppliers

One way to assess the best business gas supplier is to consider who is the biggest. According to Ofgem, here are the biggest British business gas suppliers:

Business Gas Suppliers

British Gas is the biggest name in the gas supply industry and gets its name from its past as the state-owned monopoly that supplied gas across the country.

Since deregulation, British Gas must compete with other business gas suppliers in the open market.

British Gas Website

Business Gas Suppliers

E.ON operates two brands in the business gas market. E.ON Next provides gas to small and medium-sized businesses, while nPower Business Solutions supplies to large companies.

E.ON next website,

nPower business solutions

Business Gas Suppliers

Scottish Power is another giant in the British energy market. Scottish Power is not only a home and business gas supplier. It also owns several power distribution networks that move energy across the country.

Scottish Power website

Business Gas Suppliers

Opus Energy is a leading UK business gas supplier supplying over 200,000 customers with energy across the country.

Opus Energy is a subsidiary of Drax, an energy giant that operates the world’s largest biomass power station.

Opus Energy Website

Business Gas Suppliers

Engie is a business gas supplier focussing on the needs of small-to-medium enterprises.

Engie is focused on helping its customers on the road towards net zero emissions. Engie offers its natural gas supply product alongside its 100% renewable electricity product.

Engie Website

Business Gas Suppliers

Total proclaims itself as the UK’s leading gas supplier to businesses and offers a suite of energy services to companies.

The Total Energies Group is one of the world’s largest companies and a major player in low-carbon solutions.

Total Website

Business Gas Suppliers

SSE is a major business gas supplier with a low-carbon natural gas supply.

SSE’s Green Gas tariff reduces carbon dioxide emissions by purchasing renewable certificates and carbon offsets.

SSE Website

Business Gas Suppliers

EDF is a French state-owned giant (Électricité de France) that is the UK’s biggest generator of zero-carbon energy.

EDF is a business gas supplier that offers additional support to small enterprises, including boiler cover.

EDF Website

Top-ranked business gas suppliers

One of the most important aspects of a business gas supplier is customer satisfaction. Here are the top ten highest-rated business gas suppliers using Trustpilot’s verified customer reviews:

RankingBusiness Gas SupplierAverage ReviewNumber of ReviewsCustomers
1Assured Energy5.0677Business Only
2United Gas & Power4.9748Business Only
3Octopus Energy4.8242,449Business and Domestic
4Crown Gas & Power4.766Business Only
5Opus Energy4.46,895Business Only
6Corona Energy4.41,568Business Only
7ScottishPower4.368,556Business and Domestic
8Ecotricity4.25,240Business and Domestic
9British Gas4.1186,328Business and Domestic
10E.ON4.126,345Business and Domestic

Source: Extracted from Trustpilot in February 2024

*A large portion of the thousands of reviews Octopus Energy receives come from their domestic customers.

Small business gas suppliers

Giant suppliers like British Gas dominate the commercial gas market, but since market deregulation, smaller, bespoke business gas suppliers are growing fast.

These are some great options for small businesses looking for something a little different. Here are five examples of small business gas suppliers:

  • Ecotricity Business Gas – Ecotricity provides a carbon-neutral business gas supply. They’ve built a Green Gas Mill in Berkshire, which produces green gas using the anaerobic digestion of grass cuttings.
  • Regent Business Gas – Regent Gas is a specialist business gas supplier focusing on a single product. Regent Gas has the expertise to provide an all-in-one gas service that includes supply, connection and metering services.
  • UK gas supply – UK Gas Supply (as the name suggests) specialises in mains gas supply and actively offsets carbon emissions by partnering to protect a peat forest in Borneo.
  • Flogas – Flogas delivers Liquefied Petroleum Gas in lorries to their customers around the country. Flogas does not use a gas mains network to deliver a gas supply, instead providing a gas supply to off-grid businesses.
  • Osso Energy Plc – Osso Energy brands itself as a business gas supplier with a personal touch. Each Osso customer receives their own named account manager as part of their commitment to strong customer service.

Cheapest business gas supplier

When choosing a business gas supplier, one factor is typically at the forefront of people’s minds. Which business gas supplier is the cheapest?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to which business gas supplier is the cheapest since:

  • Business gas suppliers update their prices almost every day.
  • The underlying wholesale cost of gas changes each day.
  • The cost of a business gas depends on your location in the country.
  • The more gas you consume, the cheaper the available rates.

We can, however, tell you which is the cheapest business supplier for your commercial property in today’s market. Simply enter your postcode in our business gas suppliers comparison tool above.

Greenest business gas suppliers

Most business gas providers supply natural gas, which depletes non-renewable resources but also releases carbon dioxide when burned, contributing to environmental pollution.

Green business gas suppliers offer an environmentally friendly alternative, green biogas.

Ranking the eco-friendliness of gas suppliers can be challenging, but Green Energy UK stands out by providing 100% green gas derived from the anaerobic digestion of agricultural, food, and landfill waste.

Choosing your next commercial gas supplier

Our commercial gas experts at AquaSwitch are here to help you find your next business gas supplier. The process is simple:

Let us know where your gas is supplied

Let us know where your gas is supplied

Each business gas property connected to the gas mains has a unique code called an MPRN. Enter your postcode, and we’ll use this to get all the information needed for your supply.

Our experts collect business gas quotes

Our experts collect business gas quotes

We’ll request quotes from our panel of trusted business gas suppliers and let you know the best options available in the current market.

We’ll take care of a hassle-free switch

We’ll take care of a hassle-free switch

We will take care of the switching process for you and make your move to a new supplier as painless as possible.

Who is my business gas supplier?

The easiest way to find your business gas supplier is to find your most recent business energy bill.

An alternative solution is to go to the Energy Network Association site and find out who your gas network operator is. You can then call your gas network operator, and they’ll be able to tell you both your current business gas supplier and the MPRN associated with your property.

Which business gas suppliers in the UK have gone bust?

The list below shows a complete list of business gas suppliers that went out of business during the last few years.

Business energy supplierDateNumber of customers
Whoop Energy18 February 2022212
Xcel Power Ltd18 February 2022274
Together Energy Retail Ltd18 January 20221
CNG Energy3 November 202141000
MA Energy2 November 2021300
Ampoweruk2 November 20212000
Bluegreen Energy1 November 20215900
Daligas14 October 20219000
Symbio Energy29 September 202148000
People's Energy14 September 20211000
PFP Energy7 September 20215600
Hub Energy9 August 20219000

Source: Ofgem publication.

Commercial gas suppliers

Commercial gas suppliers provide a mains natural gas supply to any non-domestic properties in the UK. Here are the key questions often asked about commercial gas suppliers.

Who distributes for commercial gas suppliers?

In the UK, gas distribution to commercial properties involves several layers of organisations:

Commercial gas suppliers pay distribution and network costs to these organisations to transport natural gas to your property.

Do all commercial gas suppliers offer the same prices?

No, in the commercial gas market, each supplier determines their own pricing. Since there is no business energy price cap, commercial gas suppliers can theoretically choose any price for their customers.

Since the 50 or so business gas suppliers offer their own business gas rates, it’s important to compare a range of suppliers to get the best price.

That’s where our business gas comparison service comes in handy. Get the best prices today from our panel of trusted business gas suppliers.

Renewable gas suppliers

Natural gas supplied to commercial properties is a fossil fuel that produces carbon dioxide when used in a gas boiler. This direct greenhouse gas emission makes offering green gas a little tricky for business gas suppliers.

Let’s compare the different options for a more environmentally friendly business gas supply:

  • Renewable biogas supply – A biogas supplier will commit to a certain amount of its gas supply to be biogas. Biogas is a renewable biofuel produced by decaying plants and food waste.
  • Carbon offset gas supply – In a carbon offset gas business gas rate, your supplier will commit to offsetting all greenhouse gas emissions associated with your gas supply. A carbon offset works by financing carbon reduction projects across the world.

Business gas suppliers – FAQs

Here, we answer your burning questions surrounding business gas suppliers. From how to find a suitable gas supplier to considerations you must make as a business.

What are business gas suppliers?

A business gas supplier is an Ofgem-licenced company that provides a natural gas supply to non-domestic properties through the mains network.

Here’s how business gas suppliers provide gas suppliers to commercial properties:

First, the supplier will purchase natural gas on the wholesale market from either:

  • Extractors of natural gas, most of which operate in the North Sea.
  • Importers of natural gas from the European market through interconnectors (undersea gas pipelines).
  • Importers of natural gas from the Middle East or the US using liquid natural gas.

The supplier then moves this natural gas through the gas distribution network to your business property.

The amount of gas your business uses (in kWh) is measured by a gas meter at your property.

Your business gas supplier will bill you for the gas your property uses based upon rates agreed in your business gas tariff.

It’s easy to compare business gas by using our simple business gas comparison tool.

What should I consider when choosing a business gas supplier?

With so many different business gas suppliers, sometimes it isn’t easy to choose. Here are the top factors to consider when choosing a business gas supplier:

  • Customer service – What are current customers saying about the business gas supplier? Trustpilot is a great place to start.
  • Environmental factors – Using natural gas directly emits carbon dioxide into the environment. Does the business gas supplier do anything like planting forests to offset this effect?
  • Notice period – How much notice do you give when coming to the end of your fixed contract? (see our guide on coming to the end of a business energy contract)
  • Business gas rates – Crucially, which business gas supplier offers the cheapest business gas prices.

Should I accept my business gas renewal or switch suppliers?

It depends on whether your business gas renewal is competitive.

Since 2022 the wholesale price of gas has risen significantly, so your renewal quote may be significantly higher than what you currently pay. In these times of expensive gas prices, ensuring you get a competitive deal is important.

We recommend comparing your renewal quote against quotes offered by other business gas suppliers. To compare the market, enter your postcode below to receive business gas quotes today.

How do I make a complaint to my business gas supplier?

Business gas suppliers must have a customer services department to handle customer complaints. We recommend calling your supplier and explaining the problem if you have a complaint. Business gas suppliers don’t like bad reviews, so most will make the utmost effort to resolve any issues you’re having.

If you’re unsatisfied, you can formalise your complaint using a letter. The Citizens Advice Bureau have published a template you can use for your letter.

Ofgem, the gas market regulator, sets out a final step. If you reach eight weeks of dialogue with your business energy supplier without resolution, you can escalate your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman:

Contact number: 0330 440 1624.

How much can I save by switching business gas suppliers?

The current business gas tariffs suppliers offer depend heavily on the underlying wholesale market for gas. If the wholesale price of gas goes up, then contracts available become more expensive.

If you pay out-of-contract rates on default business gas prices, the savings could be massive.

Use our business gas comparison tool to compare prices today and determine how much your business can save.

Can I switch to a business gas supplier during the winter months?

Yes, you can switch business gas during the winter months. However, if you’re currently in a contract with a supplier, you’ll need to ensure your new business gas supplier takes over on the day your contract ends.

You can secure new business gas rates with most providers 12 months before your contract ends. You must check your current contract to ensure you can compare the latest prices.

Compare the latest business gas prices and tariffs.

Which business gas supplier has no standing charge?

Most commercial gas suppliers offer a tariff without a daily business energy standing charge, though this will typically increase the quoted unit gas price per kWh.

Consider your business’s gas usage when deciding, as not having a fixed standing charge might be more costly. By assessing your actual consumption, you can determine if opting for a no-standing charge rate is financially beneficial, ensuring you don’t overpay.

What deals are offered by business gas suppliers?

Although gas supply contracts come in lots of different sizes, here are the most common tariffs offered by business gas suppliers:

  • Fixed-rate – You agree to pay a fixed unit rate per kWh and a fixed daily standing charge for an agreed period (typically 1 to 3 years).
  • Variable rate – The price you pay per unit kWh will change through the contract depending on wholesale prices.
  • Green business – Uses either green biogas or carbon credits to provide a carbon-neutral natural gas supply.

How long does it take to switch business gas suppliers?

Typically, businesses will arrange to switch business gas suppliers months before their contract ends so that the switch occurs the day their current contract ends.

However, if you’re currently paying gas on a deemed contract and want to switch to an “as soon as possible” basis, it’ll usually take 17 to 21 days to complete your switch to a new business gas supplier.

Here’s our complete guide to switching business gas suppliers for more information.

I’m moving premises, do I need to switch my business gas supplier?

No, you don’t need to switch business gas suppliers when you move. When moving commercial properties, you have two options:

  • Transfer your tariff to your new premises.
  • Or, cancel your contract and set up a new business gas supplier in your new premises.

If you decide to cancel your business gas contract, you can use our termination letter template here.

If you want to transfer your existing gas contract, your current business gas supplier will have a team to manage the change and ensure it’s ready for the day you move in.

Whichever option you decide when moving out of your existing premises, you should notify your current supplier online or over the phone. They’ll need the following information from you:

  • Your account number(s)
  • Final meter readings
  • Your lease end date/property sale date
  • The address and postcode of your new premises.

You’ll also need to give the new owner or business name at your old location to help suppliers set up the new occupant’s supply.

For more information, check out our full guide to business premises relocation.

What happens if my business gas supplier goes out of business?

Unfortunately, failures of business gas suppliers do happen. But fear not, Ofgem; the regulator will also ensure that there will be no interruption to your business gas supply if your provider goes bust.

If your supplier goes bust, Ofgem will appoint a business gas supplier of last resort to take over the supply of your business.

Once the transfer is complete, your new supplier will reach out to you to let you know that they’ve taken over the supply to your property. Your previous contract will be replaced with a standard-variable deemed contract with your new supplier.

Typically, your new contract will be needlessly expensive, but you can arrange to switch business gas suppliers to access the cheapest rates.

When can I change business gas supplier?

The date when you can switch business gas suppliers depends on your current business gas tariff. Here are the different scenarios:

  • Fixed business gas tariff – You’ll need to wait until the end date of your current contract to avoid expensive exit fees. You can arrange a switch on this date up to a year in advance.
  • Variable business gas tariff – You can choose to transfer to another business gas tariff at any time.

If you’re ready for a change, our business gas experts can help you find the best business gas supplier quotes. Start by entering your postcode above.