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Electricity Bill Calculator | UK Homes

Find out precisely how much your electricity is costing you 👇

✅ Auto-fills in your latest price cap rates according to your Region and Payment Method.

✅ Available for both standard variable and fixed-rate tariffs.

✅ Includes 5% VAT on final bill calculations.

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Calculator notes:

Multi-tariff Functionality: Works for both Standard Variable-rate tariffs that change according to market conditions as well as those with fixed-rate tariffs (i.e. homes who locked their electricity rates until 2024).

Not for multi-rate tariffs: Does not work with multi-rate tariffs (e.g. Economy 7, Time-of-use Tariff) that vary periodically within the day according to peak and off-peak supply and demand.

Energy Price Cap: We use the latest (01 October – 31 December 2023) Energy Price Cap figures –which we painstakingly compiled from official sources– to auto-fill your unit rate and standing charge for standard variable tariffs. Know that the UK government placed a maximum price cap for electricity and gas unit rates and standing charges in response to the 2022-23 UK energy crisis, and virtually all suppliers are charging these rates!

VAT: We include the reduced 5% VAT charged on all home energy bills to make sure you’re aware of all charges on your bill.

Customisable calculation period: We let you choose the calculation period because suppliers provide your electricity consumption (in kWh) at different time periods depending on your meter type, and households may keep their electricity usage records using different time periods, depending on their preference and again, their type of meter.

Updates: This calculator was last updated in October 2023. The Energy Price Cap figures are due a revision on December 31 2023.

Limitations: Note that any electricity bill calculations beyond this Price Cap period (01 October – 31 December 2023) will likely vary as the price cap rates change every three months.

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FAQs ❓

In this section, we answer some frequently asked questions regarding your typical electricity costs in the UK!

How much is electricity in the UK?

This will depend on many things, but the three factors with the most weight on your bill are (1) your electricity use, (2) your tariff, (3) your electricity rate, standing charge and payment option.

According to our simple electricity cost calculator, a typical couple living in a studio flat in Liverpool who expect to consume 1,000 kWh of electricity over October, November and December 2023, and pay the maximum unit rate and standing charge according to the most recent Energy Price Cap by Direct Debit, should expect to pay around £338.56.

If they were paying by credit, this would be as much as £359.89 and if they were living in London instead of Liverpool, they’d be paying as little as £318.90.

This comes to show the large difference be rates depending on where you live and how you pay!

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