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We make switching suppliers a simple and seamless process

We understand that switching water suppliers can sound like an intimidating and tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. We ensure that the process is smooth and seamless from start to finish. Our process is based on three simple steps:

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Fill out a simple form

All we need is a few simple details from a recent water bill to understand the water needs of your business

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Compare the best deals

Our expert team will collect quotes from our extensive network of water suppliers to find the best deal for your business

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Once we’ve received your quote and you’re happy with it, our water specialists will complete a hassle-free switch to your new supplier

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At AquaSwitch, our extensive knowledge in the utilities industry, combined with our strong partnerships allows us to provide an expert service and offer highly competitive rates that would be difficult and tedious for businesses to negotiate themselves.

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Why make the switch with AquaSwitch?

At AquaSwitch, we understand how important it is to find ways to save your business money. By using AquaSwitch to compare and replace your current water supplier, you can save up to 20% on your business water bills. By making the transition, you can expect:

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Competitive business water rates

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An opportunity to create a more water-efficient business

Business water rates: Our guide to understanding business water usage

Take a look at your current business water bill. Are your water rates through the roof? Do you have fixed charges that seemingly appeared out of nowhere? Many business owners can agree they’re unaware of the factors and specific regulations that impact a business water bill. From standing surface water and foul sewage to surface drainage, there are various causes that influence your water rates and sewerage charges. Even trade effluent’(the liquid waste produced from industrial activity that gets discharged to the sewage system) becomes your responsibility when it comes to your water and wastewater bills. This can lead to massive upcharges you never budgeted for and leave you questioning your current water supplier. By better understanding the way your business operates and consumes water, you can identify opportunities to save money and improve efficiencies across the board. Switching water suppliers is one of the easiest ways to decrease the amount you’re getting charged based on the activity on your water meter and turn your business into a water-efficient organisation.

Commonly overlooked water regulations and annual changes

Every year on 1 April, prices paid by British businesses for their water supply changes. This is because your water supplier purchases water from a regional wholesaler and charges for customer services, causing an uptick in your business water bill. Rate changes occur based on contractual agreements. The price change is also dependent on location; it’s all about supply and demand. If there are more houses built around your business, demand for water rises, thus making water more expensive. Retail fees are another factor to keep in mind. Since the British business water market is deregulated, water suppliers get to determine the rate they charge their customers. The 1 April date allows suppliers to reassess their current water rates and fixed charges and determine if they want to make any adjustments. Two rates determine the price that shows up on your business water bill through business water tariffs, the wholesale rate and the volumetric rate.
  • Fixed/standing charges: Fixed costs levied each year regardless of water usage.
  • Volumetric rate: Rate charges that depend upon the amount of water being used.
Because water isn’t regulated in the U.K., your business has the opportunity to change waste and sewerage service and water suppliers if you’re not satisfied with the service and want to save money.

Why do I need to save on business water usage?

Switching water suppliers saves your organisation in costs over time, but that’s not the only advantage. Some of the other benefits of making the switch include:
  • Secure your water supplies. Water supply is becoming more and more scarce in the U.K., which means it’s more important than ever to secure service for your business now. Building new infrastructure to support water inventory isn’t just expensive and limited, but it also puts negative pressure on the environment.
  • Save the environment. Complying with environmental legislation means tax savings based on sustainable water usage. Water efficiency also means reducing the amount of water taken from rivers, protecting some of our most valuable natural resources.
With reduced costs, secured resources and climate consciousness in mind, you can consider yourself a water-efficient business.

We make switching suppliers a simple and seamless process

With our extensive knowledge in the utilities and water industry, combined with the strong partnerships we have built along the way, we at AquaSwitch can provide expert service and offer highly competitive rates that you would not be able to negotiate yourself. Our process is based on three simple factors:
  • Fill out a simple form. To get started, we just need to learn a few details about the water demands of your business. Then, we send your case to the market suppliers for pricing.
  • Receive a quote. From there, prices are collected and compared to your current water rates so you can get the most out of making the switch. Our team of experts will take care of it all and collect quotes from our suppliers to find the best deal for your business.
  • Make the move. Once we've received your chosen quote, one of our water specialists will be able to complete the switch and onboard you. We’ll process everything from your old supplier and get you started with your new and improved water company, making sure there are no one-off charges. Then, you can make the full switch and start saving.

Why AquaSwitch?

At AquaSwitch, we understand how important it is to find ways to save money as a growing business. In fact, by replacing your current water supplier with AquaSwitch, you can save up to 20% on your business water bills. By making the transition, you can expect:
  • Improved customer service.
  • Tailored assistance based on your specific wants and needs.
  • Competitive business water rates.
  • Simplified and consolidated bills. You’ll get a better price per site.
  • An opportunity to create a more water-efficient business.
Our strong customer service skills, combined with our commitment to finding a fitting solution for every business we work with, allows us to provide award-winning experience and the top water industry knowledge to ensure a strong business partnership from start to finish. AquaSwitch takes pride in our ability to work with large and medium-sized businesses and provide a tailor-made approach to water efficiency. If you’re excited to make the switch and you’re ready to speak with a professional to get the process in motion, contact one of our experts directly today.