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Compare business utilities with AquaSwitch and save up to 45% today

AquaSwitch only works with trusted suppliers, so you are in the best hands. Compare from a wide range of suppliers and quotes and get the best deal for your business.

Make switching suppliers a simple and seamless process

We understand that switching commercial utility suppliers sounds complicated and confusing , but it doesn’t have to be. We ensure that the process is smooth and seamless from start to finish. Our approach uses three simple steps:

Fill out a simple form

Fill out a simple form

Using our smart address finder, we’ll collect a few simple details to understand the needs of your business.

Compare the best deals

Compare the best deals

Our expert team will collect quotes from our extensive network of suppliers to find the best options for your business.

Hassle-free switch

Hassle-free switch

If you’d like to proceed with one of our quotes, our utility experts will arrange a hassle-free switch to your new supplier.

Useful tools for your business

We know that there are many things in the utility market that can be complex and confusing, so we have developed some valuable tools to help you understand commercial electricity, gas and water rates. Click on the links below, and feel free to share these helpful tools around.

Why make the switch with AquaSwitch?

Here at AquaSwitch, we are experts in all things utilities, and we understand how important it is to find ways to save your business money. Use AquaSwitch’s comparison service to compare quotes; we can help you save up to 45% on your utility bills. With AquaSwitch, you can expect:



Quick tailored quotes



Competitive rates



Improved customer service

What we do at AquaSwitch

Our mission is to empower businesses across Britain to get a better deal on their utilities. We aim to simplify and assist companies in dealing with business water, business energy and commercial solar panels.

Understanding business water

  • Business water rates – We make business water rates simple to understand, explaining in plain English how business water suppliers charge for mains water, including volumetric water, volumetric wastewater, standing, retail, and drainage fees. Use our easy guide to understand these different factors.
  • Business water suppliers – Explore your options with our ultimate up-to-date guide on all the commercial water suppliers competing in England and Scotland. Switch today and benefit from improved customer service and cheaper rates.
  • Sustainable water supplies – Explore the solutions for achieving a carbon-neutral fresh water supply for your business, including rainwater harvesting, a borehole supply and greywater systems.
  • Switch business water suppliers – Changing business water suppliers can seem daunting, but we make this simple. Explore our step-by-step guide to getting cheaper water rates and a better water supplier for your business.

AquaSwitch business utilities comparison

At AquaSwitch, our business utility experts work to provide a comprehensive comparison service for our customers. We collect the best quotes for your business in minutes with suppliers from across the market; start the comparison today with the links below:

Understanding business energy

Business energy prices were at a record high. In this highly volatile environment, it’s more important than ever to rely on a trusted expert and business energy broker when deciding your commercial electricity and gas supplies. Here are a few of our key energy guides:

  • Wholesale energy price update – Wholesale energy costs are falling. Get the latest information on world events and other factors impacting Britain’s wholesale cost of electricity and gas.
  • Energy bill discount scheme – The government is providing an automatic discount on the most expensive fixed-rate energy contracts. Read on to find out if you’ll benefit from this scheme.
  • Business energy suppliers – Explore our ultimate list of Ofgem-licenced business energy suppliers. Learn more about the “big-six” giants and smaller, innovative new suppliers.
  • Business gas suppliers – Over 50 commercial gas suppliers operate in Britain. With so many choices, switching can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; our simple guide is here to help.
  • Should I fix my energy prices? – Our experts delve into the current energy market situation and weight up the pros and cons of fixing energy rates.
  • Business energy tariffs – Explore our ultimate guide on choosing the security of a fixed-rate energy tariff or the flexibility and potential benefits of a variable-rate energy tariff.
  • Business gas prices – The latest business gas prices and rates currently offered in the market. Explore the benefits of securing your business gas rates with a fixed commercial gas tariff.
  • Business electricity prices – The latest business electricity prices and rates to ensure you have the latest rates to hand. Never miss out on fixing favourable business electricity rates.
  • Commercial solar panels – Explore generating renewable energy at your office with a commercial solar panel installation. Solar provides a cheaper, greener alternative to mains electricity.

The future of utilities

The world of utilities is changing fast as we transition to a carbon-neutral future. Explore the latest developments in our blog. Here are some recent highlights:

Agrivoltaic solar farms
Water footprint of our everyday lives
Solaris Prism: Scalable solar-powered water heating
Drax: The largest biomass power station in the world
Should I fix my energy prices until 2024?

Out-of-contract utility rates

The energy and water industries all have one thing in common: companies waste thousands each year by being out-of-contract.

This common scenario occurs when your fixed tariff ends, and your supplier automatically moves you onto more expensive deemed rates. This scenario has a number of different names; see our guides below:

At AquaSwitch, we help businesses avoid wasting money on deemed contracts by providing a comparison and switching service to compare business energy prices and business water rates.