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Save up to 45% on business utilities with AquaSwitch

We offer a free, transparent comparison service for business water, electricity, and gas prices. Compare deals today from our panel of trusted UK-based suppliers.

<h3><a href="">Compare Business Energy</a></h3>

Compare Business Energy

Compare rates from our trusted UK-based business electricity suppliers.

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<h3><a href="">Compare Business Gas Prices</a></h3>

Compare Business Gas Prices

Get the best business gas rates from our easy to use comparison service.

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<h3><a href="">Compare Business Water</a></h3>

Compare Business Water

Find out how much your business can save today with a simple water switch.

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Make switching suppliers a simple and seamless process

We understand that switching commercial utility suppliers sounds complicated and confusing , but it doesn’t have to be. We ensure that the process is smooth and seamless from start to finish. Our approach uses three simple steps:

Fill out a simple form

Fill out a simple form

Using our smart address finder, we’ll collect a few simple details to understand the needs of your business.

Compare the best deals

Compare the best deals

Our expert team will collect quotes from our extensive network of suppliers to find the best options for your business.

Hassle-free switch

Hassle-free switch

If you’d like to proceed with one of our quotes, our utility experts will arrange a hassle-free switch to your new supplier.

Business Energy

Since 2022 business energy costs have been highly volatile, making it more important than ever to rely on a trusted business energy expert. Here are a few of our key business energy guides written by our in-house team of business energy experts.

<h3>Latest Electricity Prices</h3>

Latest Electricity Prices

Review the top fixed business electricity prices available in today’s market.

<h3>Business Gas Prices</h3>

Business Gas Prices

Find out if business gas prices are rising or falling with our weekly summary.

<h3>Best Energy Suppliers</h3>

Best Energy Suppliers

Explore the “big-six” business energy suppliers and smaller market disruptors.

<h3>Business Gas Suppliers</h3>

Business Gas Suppliers

Our top-10 ranking of business gas suppliers. Find out who performs the best.

<h3>Small Business Energy</h3>

Small Business Energy

Discover the best small business energy tariffs available to micro businesses.

<h3>Switch Business Energy</h3>

Switch Business Energy

A step-by-step guide to switching business energy suppliers with our service.

<h3>Energy Efficiency Tips</h3>

Energy Efficiency Tips

The top 5 ‘low hanging fruit’ energy efficiency tips for businesses from our experts.

<h3>Business Energy Grants</h3>

Business Energy Grants

<h3>Business Energy Audit</h3>

Business Energy Audit

Use our business energy audit checklist to find your energy-saving opportunities.

Business Water

Our mission is to empower British businesses to secure better water tariffs. We simplify the water industry through essential guides written by our in-house experts.

<h3>Best Water Suppliers</h3>

Best Water Suppliers

Our ultimate guide covers all business water suppliers in England and Scotland.

<h3>Business Water Rates</h3>

Business Water Rates

We simplify business water rates in our guide to water and wastewater charges.

<h3>Switch Business Water </h3>

Switch Business Water

Step-by-step guide to switching business water suppliers in the open water market.

<h3>Water Price Increases</h3>

Water Price Increases

Our experts predict the annual business water price increase on the 1st of April.

<h3>Water Rates Calculator</h3>

Water Rates Calculator

Use our business water rates calculator to check the rates on your water bill.

<h3>Business Water Audit</h3>

Business Water Audit

Our business water audit service checks for overcharging by your water supplier.

Useful tools for your business

We know that there are many things in the utility market that can be complex and confusing, so we have developed some valuable tools to help you understand commercial electricity, gas and water rates.

What We Do at AquaSwitch

Our mission is to empower businesses across Britain to get a better deal on their utilities. We aim to simplify and assist companies in dealing with business water and energy suppliers.

The energy and water industries share one thing: out-of-contract rates are expensive. Businesses waste thousands each year on these unfavourable default contracts.

The AquaSwitch solution: Our experts provide a simple comparison service to connect businesses with the best water and energy prices available in the market.