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Switching water supplier allows you to benefit from improved customer service, more competitive rates, tailored services, and simplified bills.

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We make switching suppliers a simple and seamless process

We understand that switching business water supplier can sound like an intimidating and tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. We ensure that the process is smooth and seamless from start to finish. Our process is based on three simple steps:

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Fill out a simple form

All we need is a few simple details from a recent water bill to understand the water needs of your business

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Compare the best deals

Our expert team will collect quotes from our extensive network of water suppliers to find the best deal for your business

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Hassle-free switch

Once we’ve received your quote and you’re happy with it, our water specialists will complete a hassle-free switch to your new supplier

Our business water suppliers

At AquaSwitch, our extensive knowledge in the utilities industry, combined with our strong partnerships allows us to provide an expert service and offer highly competitive rates that would be difficult and tedious for businesses to negotiate themselves.

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Why make the switch with AquaSwitch?

At AquaSwitch, we understand how important it is to find ways to save your business money. By using AquaSwitch to compare and replace your current water supplier, you can save up to 20% on your business water bills. By making the transition, you can expect:

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Competitive business water rates

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Improved customer service

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Create a more water-efficient business

What we do at AquaSwitch

Our mission is to empower businesses across Britain to get a better deal on their water supply. The water industry is complicated, and navigating this as a business can be time-consuming and frustrating. We aim to simplify and assist companies in all aspects of their dealings with the water industry. Here are the ways we can help your business today:

Understanding business water

  • Business water rates - Volumetric water charges, wastewater charges, standing charges, the retail fee and surface water draining. There’s a lot of different ways a business water supplier can charge your business. Use our guide to understand these different elements.
  • Understanding the British Water Industry - Business water suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, regulators and inspectors. Find out how all these different organisations contribute to the supply of high-quality water to your business.
  • Everything your business needs to know about trade effluent - Even small businesses have responsibilities when it comes to trade effluent production. Find out what Trade Effluent is and any actions your business needs to take to stay compliant.
  • Business water suppliers - Our up to date guide on the suppliers that have a licence to provide water and wastewater services to businesses in England and Scotland

Getting more from your business water supply

British businesses benefit from one of the highest standards of water supply in the world. At AquaSwitch, we help businesses go a step further in benefiting from water services. Here is the way we can help your business today:
  • Reducing business water consumption - Find out how your business can help reduce the negative environmental impacts of wasting water while saving on your business water bills.
  • Water contingency planning - What would happen if there was an interruption of the water supply to your business? Here’s how we can help you plan to minimise business interruption.
  • Water audit - The way companies are charged for business water rates is complicated and often suppliers get it wrong. The AquaSwitch water audit service can check you are being charged accurately and help you reclaim rebates from your business water supplier.
  • Rainwater harvesting - Rainwater in the UK provides a less carbon-intensive and lower-cost alternative to the mains water supply. Let us help you determine if your business can benefit from a rainwater harvesting system.
  • Water connection - Building a new property that requires a water and sewer connection to the mains? The AquaSwitch guide can help you understand your options and find the best self-lay providers in your area.
  • Borehole water supply - Looking for an independent potable water supply to your property with the benefits of reduced costs and lower carbon emissions. Find out if your business could benefit from a private borehole water supply with our guide.

Comparing business water prices

There are over 20 business water suppliers with the licence to provide water and wastewater services. Finding out which supplier provides the best deal for your business can be a tedious process. Let AquaSwitch take the pain out of comparing business water rates using our free business water comparison service.

Multi-site tendering process

Large businesses that operate out of properties across the country often find they are having to deal with several different business water suppliers. The AquaSwitch multi-site tender process helps large businesses complete a full tender process, collecting and comparing consolidated quotes from a range of water suppliers. Benefit from a single consolidated water supply today.

Switching business water suppliers

At AquaSwitch we can handle the process of switching business water supplier on your behalf. We’ve successfully helped thousands of businesses switch to a better deal. We’ll work through the messy details on your behalf to provide your business with a hassle-free switch.

AquaSwitch business energy comparison

At AquaSwitch, we work with our energy expert partners to provide business electricity and gas comparison services for our customers. We can arrange the best quotes for your business in minutes with suppliers from across the market, simply click the below to access the comparison service: