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Business Water Rates Calculator

Do you want to know how much your business will pay for its water usage?

Our in-house water experts have built Britain’s first business water rates calculator!

By answering a few simple questions, our calculator will provide an estimate of your annual water bill based on the 2024/25 regional default business water rates for small businesses.

Business water rates calculator 2024/25

What are the default business water rates?

The estimates from our business water rates calculator are based on the published default business water rates. These rates are paid by 80% of all small businesses that have not decided to switch business water suppliers.

The good news is that business water suppliers now offer cheaper fixed-term rates. Visit our business water comparison page and discover how much your business can save today!

How does the calculator work?

Our business water rates calculator uses published regional default business water rates. These are derived from schemes of charges, which are the rules dictating the calculation of business water bills.

Each default business water supplier publishes these rules on their respective websites but, regrettably, do it in a way that is extremely difficult to comprehend. Their PDF documents span tens of pages and are challenging to understand.

Our business water experts have meticulously deciphered hundreds of PDF pages to extract the small business water rates from each provider for each region and built this easy-to-use calculator for businesses to easily calculate their water expenditure.

For links to the source documentation, refer to our article on business water rates data*.

*Calculator Assumptions and Limitations:

  • Water Meter: We assume that your business has a water meter. Companies without a meter receive bills calculated using assessed or unmeasured water rates.
  • Water Consumption: We assume your business consumes less than 500 cubic meters of water annually (approximately the consumption of four households). For businesses consuming more, tariffs for larger consumption typically apply, often at cheaper rates.
  • Pipe Diameter: We assume the water pipe diameter entering your property is between 12-15mm, which is standard for smaller properties.
  • Regional Exceptions: Some regions have specific areas adhering to distinct rules we haven’t covered. Chester, Wrexham, and York Water Works are notable examples.
  • Drainage Charges: In certain regions, surface and highway drainage charges vary based on property size. We’ve used a standard assumption of 100 square meters.
  • Trade Effluent: We’ve assumed your property doesn’t produce any trade effluent.
  • Rate Type: We’ve relied on published default business water rates. If you’re on a fixed-term contract, your rates may differ. In such cases, please consult your business water contract.
  • Tariff Classification: The calculator employs non-household tariffs. Domestic water bills differ in calculation and are billed directly by the local water company.

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