Christian M.

Christian M. is an experienced earth scientist & engineer turned technical copywriter. He is particularly interested in the intersection between technology and the water and energy markets, making him a perfect fit at AquaSwitch. He was an initial investor in the project and recently joined the team in 2022. Christian's LinkedIn profile can be found here. Christian is an expert content writer specialising in business energy and business water.

Assessing the suitability of solar panels for your business

  ✅ Check if your business property requires planning permission for a solar installation (it will if it’s a historical building). ✅ Calculate your solar system’s return on investment and assess whether it aligns with your business’s vision and goals. ✅ Does your business own the property? How’s your business’s credit score? More answer all…

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Regulatary Books Permitting and Regulation for Commercial Solar Panels

✅ Building Regulations: All UK solar panel works must comply with building standards. ✅ MCS and DNO: Grid-connected installations need MCS-certification and DNO approvals. ✅ Permitted Developments: Most UK commercial solar panel installations avoid planning permissions. ✅ Timeframe: The regulatory process can vary from a minimum of 3 weeks to many years. Do you want…

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How to maintain your business’s solar panels

Not taking care of your solar panel systems can lead to unexpected costs due to reduced efficiency, unexpected breakdowns, non-compliance fines and, although rare, accidents. Yet every business has its own maintenance requirements, depending on the level of sophistication of its system and any agreements with installers or third-party service companies. This article covers everything…

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A solar panel at dusk What is a Photovoltaic System?

The energy transition introduces many new terms that make the topic more confusing than necessary. Whether it’s distributed grids or the utilities death spiral— we all want to be aware of the energy changes unfolding before our eyes. In this article, we’ll explore photovoltaic systems (PV Systems). The solar panels becoming commonplace on British rooftops…

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Business energy procurement How to Develop an Effective Energy Procurement Strategy for Your Business

For businesses nationwide, energy usage is likely one of a company’s biggest outgoings.  With the market volatility over the last few years, it is now even more critical to secure the best prices and terms for your business. However, this is not an easy task, and that’s where an energy procurement strategy becomes essential. In…

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Aluminium, tilted, rooftop mounts. How much do solar panels cost for businesses?

Installing a solar panel system on a commercial property is becoming increasingly attractive as the technology becomes more established in the UK. Not only has the number of installers grown rapidly, but solar systems have also improved dramatically over the last decade. Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of solar panels for…

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