Louise Horscroft

Louise joined AquaSwitch in 2022 and has worked in the Business Utilities industry for the past 9 years and is an expert in business energy and water. Having worked for a large broker as the head of customer services and retention she developed a keen understanding around the complexities of the energy and water industry and how business energy and water suppliers behave, including rules, terms and conditions and how to get the most from your supply. To find out more about Louise, visit her LinkedIn profile here.

How much electricity does your home use daily What is the average electricity and gas usage in the UK?

We hear a lot about “average energy usage”, but very few explain what it actually means and why it’s an essential metric. The truth is that without a benchmark like an average, any energy cost calculations are meaningless! How’s your usage this month compared to your historical average? Or how does your electricity and gas…

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Boilers explained Boiler breakdown: Understanding the different types of boilers

This guide explores the different types of boilers, how they work, and why you may need to change your current boiler. What are the different types of boilers Combi boiler Heat only boiler System boiler Other less common boilers Condensing boilers Biomass boilers What boiler size do you need Should you change your boiler? Alternatives…

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Mega batteries: Pumped-storage Hydroelectric (PSH)

Did you know that intermittent renewables are a headache for grid operators? Did you know that grid operators have an altar dedicated to Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric (PSH) in their homes, which they pray to every day before going to work? Did you know that PSH has been secretly enabling the renewables revolution of the last decade?…

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Voltage Optimisation: A Solution to Energy Efficiency

As a business owner, you’ll always be on the lookout to save money where you can to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. One cost-saving activity that may have passed you by is voltage optimisation. It’s especially beneficial with the current elevated business energy rates. Here, we explore voltage optimisation in detail and…

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britishvolt Britishvolt: The UK falls behind again

Valued at £3.8 billion pounds at its peak, Britishvolt was until recently one of Britain’s most renowned up-and-coming projects. The battery gigafactory in Blyth would provide 3,000 skilled jobs and provide the batteries needed for Britain’s electrification. Instead, Britishvolt crashlanded into administration, as the media gradually uncovered the smoke and mirrors surrounding the endeavour. This…

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Green Gas Levy (GGL) Green Gas Levy (GGL) Explained

The UK government is working hard to encourage decarbonisation of the energy sector, and one strategy being employed is to introduce strategic levies to promote green investment. In this article, we explore the Green Gas Levy – a charge applied to any business gas suppliers who rely on natural gas (a fossil fuel). We break…

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