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Thames Water for business

Thames Water provides water and wastewater services to 16 million people and over 200,000 commercial properties.

Thames Water is responsible for operating and maintaining all the water supply pipes within the Thames Basin region, but it does not directly supply businesses. Instead, a designated business water supplier handles meter readings, customer services, and billing for commercial customers.

This guide offers comprehensive information about water services for businesses in the Thames Water area.

Businesses in the Thames Water area

According to the latest MOSL publications, there are 489,324 business water supply points (“SPIDs“) in the Thames Water area.

Prior to the deregulation of the English water market in April 2017, Thames Water directly supplied and billed these business customers.

Upon deregulation, the supply to all non-household properties in the Thames Water supply area was transferred to a business water supplier, Castle Water. Although Thames Water continued to operate the water infrastructure, responsibilities for meter readings, billing, and customer services were transferred to Castle Water.

Since then, businesses in the Thames Water area can choose their business water supplier from any of the Ofwat licensed providers.

Approximately 30% of businesses in the Thames Water area have since switched from Castle Water to other providers. Find out more in our comprehensive guide to business water suppliers.

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Source: MOSL supply points dashboard

Contact details for Thames Water Business

For businesses in the Thames Water area that have not switched business water suppliers, water services are provided by Castle Water. Their customer services department is readily available to assist with any queries regarding your business water supply.

For businesses that have switched to another supplier, you can locate their contact details on a recent business water bill. Alternatively, the AquaSwitch find my water supplier service can be used to identify your current provider.

For more information, check out our complete guide on how to switch business water suppliers.

Thames Water business contact number

Thames Water does not operate a dedicated customer services department for business customers. Therefore, it is necessary to contact your specific business water supplier instead.

If, like most businesses in the Thames Water area, you have not changed water supplier, then you should contact Castle Water, whose contact details can be found here.

Thames Water business login

Thames Water doesn’t provide a portal for business customers. Instead, this is a service provided by your business water supplier.

Castle Water is the supplier to most businesses in the Thames Water, and here’s a link to their customer portal.

Thames Water services to businesses

Although Thames Water does not directly supply water to businesses, it offers several specific services to those located in the Thames Water supply area:

  • Trade effluent consent – If your business intends to dispose of any industrial sewage (known as trade effluent) into Thames Water’s sewage system, you must apply for and obtain consent directly from Thames Water.
  • Reporting water incidents – Should you experience water failures such as drops in water pressure or notice a mains water leak, then you should report these directly to Thames Water.
  • Disruption compensation claims – If your company has suffered from a business water interruption due to problems with Thames Water’s infrastructure, then you can directly claim compensation with them.

For all other queries regarding your water supply, please direct these to your current business water supplier.

Thames water supply area

Thames Water operates water services within the Thames Basin. The River Thames has its source in the Cotswold Hills and flows through all the way to the Thames Estuary in Essex.

The map below illustrates the areas where Thames Water operates and maintains the water and wastewater pipes connected to commercial properties:

Thames Water Supply Area

Source: Thames Water Developers

The area supplied by Thames Water for water and wastewater are slightly different, as follows:

Thames water sewerage supply area

Thames Water delivers wastewater services to a broad area encompassing most of Gloucester, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London as well as North Surrey, North Wiltshire, and far West Kent.

Thames Water, water supply area

Thames Water’s potable water supply area is the same as its sewerage supply area, with the exception of certain regions that are served by separate water-only companies:

Business water connection in the Thames Water region

If you are constructing a commercial property within the Thames Water region and require water or wastewater services, you must arrange a business water connection with Thames Water.

You can request a new water service connection through Thames Water using their application form, which is available here.

Once your new water connection is established, Thames Water will automatically assign a business water supplier for your supply. For more information, refer to our comprehensive guide on business water connections.

Is Thames Water a wholesaler?

Yes, Thames Water functions as a wholesaler in the commercial water market. It is the largest wholesale provider of water and wastewater services in the UK.

Thames Water sells its water services to business water suppliers on a wholesale basis using regulated wholesale water rates.

For more information, check out our guide to British Water Infrastructure.