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What is the open water market?

The open water market is the result of a change in regulation that has transformed the British water industry from a government monopoly into a competitive market.

The competitive water market works in the same way as that for electricity, gas and most other products where businesses have the freedom to choose from who they want to purchase.

In this article, we explain what the open water market means for you, and how you can leverage it to become more water-efficient, environmentally friendlier and financially saavy.

What companies are taking part in the business water market?

The open water market has split the water industry actors into two:

  • The regional wholesalers remain responsible for the water infrastructure and will continue to provide a world-class quality water supply to all businesses and households.
  • The commercial water suppliers are responsible for managing the end-users of the water market. The suppliers are the companies that deal with any customer service issues, take regular meter readings and invoice you for the water your business uses and the wastewater it releases.

In the open water market, should you decide that your supplier is not adequately serving your business, you can switch to another.

The competition introduced by the open market is designed to encourage improved customer service and more competitive pricing.

Why does the open water market mean I can compare water rates?

In the open water market, suppliers determine the rates they charge their non-household customers.

On the first of April each year, the supplier will update and increase the volumetric and fixed rate of water charged to their customers.

Check out our guide to business water rates for more information on the way suppliers charge their customers.

Since all suppliers have the freedom to determine the rates charged to their customers, various rates are available to British businesses.

Our latest guide to British business water suppliers gives an up-to-date list of all suppliers that have licences to supply water in your region, all of which could provide an alternative to your current water tariff.

What can be achieved when I compare business water rates?

On introducing the open market, businesses nationwide were allocated a business-specific water supplier.

Most companies have stuck with this supplier and have not considered comparing those available business water rates. Since suppliers increase their prices each year, the variation of rates between suppliers continues to grow.

The main benefit of comparing business water rates is understanding whether the current rates your business is charged represent a good deal compared to other suppliers actively looking to acquire new customers.

This opportunity is large and growing, with businesses able to save up to 20% of their overall water spending by choosing a different supplier.

A second but considerable benefit to comparing suppliers is to see if your business could receive improved customer service.

The water industry lags in general customer satisfaction. Customers often find resolving issues with their suppliers a laborious process. New, more innovative suppliers entering the open water market are often more focused on customer satisfaction.

How can I compare water suppliers?

You can choose to reach out to individual water suppliers to enquire about what business water rates are available. The supplier will use your supplier point identification number (SPID) to look up your business water usage and other factors determining your water rates.

Using this information, the supplier will offer contract options for your business. With over twenty water suppliers operating across Britain, this manual process of comparison is time-consuming.

AquaSwitch offers a simple and fast solution; by using your business details and SPID numbers, we can compare all suppliers actively looking to acquire new customers.

Our free service gives you the information you need to understand whether you are getting a good deal from your supplier and whether you could make savings by making the switch.

Simply use our comparison button at the top of the page or follow this link:

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