Business Energy Guides

Here's our library of business energy guides written by our team of in-house experts. We aim to be the best resource for small British businesses trying to understand their electricity and gas supplies.

Nuclear stack Sizewell C: Nuclear dawn or dusk?

Sizewell C is the second nuclear power station to be constructed in the UK since 1995. It will add about 25,000 GWh of electricity to the national grid (~8% of national annual consumption) using the latest generation of EPR reactors, which are safer, cleaner, and more efficient than any of its predecessors. Construction is due…

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We've prepared a quick guide to managing your business water supplies when transitioning between properties. Dealing with your business water supply when moving premises

As businesses evolve, a need to move premises often arises for upscaling, downscaling, or adopting a hybrid working model. There are many factors to consider when organising a move. To assist, we’ve prepared a quick guide to managing your business water supplies when transitioning between properties. 💡The regulator, Ofwat, permits any business moving out of…

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Energy efficiency tips for businesses Energy efficiency tips for businesses

In today’s business landscape, energy efficiency isn’t just an environmental responsibility—it’s a strategic move to significantly reduce costs. This article unveils five low-cost, high-impact tips designed to reduce your gas and electricity consumption. We’ve backed each recommendation with facts and figures from scientific research to demonstrate the savings you can expect. Each of our tips…

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Business energy grants Business energy grants

Business energy grants are financial incentives intended to encourage companies to invest in making their business greener. These generous grants are a key part of the government’s building for 2050 plan. Explore how your business can benefit from government energy grants promoting green initiatives, such as heat pump installation, enhanced building insulation, and renewable energy…

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Business energy procurement How to Develop an Effective Energy Procurement Strategy for Your Business

For businesses nationwide, energy usage is likely one of a company’s biggest outgoings. With the market volatility over the last few years, it is now even more critical to secure the best prices and terms for your business. However, this is not an easy task, and that’s where an energy procurement strategy becomes essential. In…

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Is Wind Energy Expensive? Debunking the myth!

Just google “Is wind power expensive?” and you’ll find a wide range of opposing answers. This is because power generation, the energy markets and the energy transition are infinitely complex issues that only a handful of experts genuinely understand. This leaves ample room for sensationalists to present ‘alternative’ views using out-of-context information and incendiary tones….

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