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Aquaswitch provides a comprehensive suite of services and tools tailored to assist businesses in navigating the commercial water market effectively.

<h3><a href="">Business water rates calculator</a></h3>

Business water rates calculator

Here at AquaSwitch, we have created Britain’s first business water rates calculator. By responding to a few straightforward questions, we offer you a personalised estimate for your annual water bill for the fiscal year 2023/2024.

Rates Calculator

<h3><a href="">Business water audit</a></h3>

Business water audit

Could you be paying more for your business water than you should? Many businesses across the UK are overpaying for their water bills.
Use our simple business water audit checklist to identify water efficiency improvements and identify ways to save today.

Water Audit

<h3><a href="">Business water guides</a></h3>

Business water guides

We’ve created a series of insightful business water guides designed to empower our customers. These handy guides cover many topics, ranging from demystifying water tariffs and regulations to providing actionable tips for optimising water usage efficiency.

Water Guides