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How do I find out who my current business water supplier is?

Recently moved into a property but can’t figure out who supplies your business water? It’s a common problem since business water suppliers often only bill companies once a year.

It’s important to know who your business water supplier is as they are your first point of contact for any issues that arise with your water supply.

Here’s our helpful guide to figuring out who is supplying your property with water and wastewater services.

How do I find out who my current business water supplier is?

If your business property is registered on the non-household water network, your supplier will be a business water supplier.

The easiest way to find out who your current water supplier is is to look at the company invoicing your business for water and wastewater services. You may also have a direct debit set up to pay this water supplier monthly.

Suppose you’ve never received an invoice for the water services your business uses. In that case, the solution is to contact either us at AquaSwitch or a business water supplier.

We can look up your business address in the central water market database, which will show your current business water supplier.

Why do I have different suppliers in different locations?

Upon deregulation of the English water market in 2017, all businesses were allocated to a newly created business water supplier.

The new water supplier allocation was done on a regional basis. If you have business properties across different regions of the country then you will have been allocated to several business water suppliers.

Happily, AquaSwitch has the solution. AquaSwitch can prepare a multi-site tender process to consolidate the supply of water and wastewater to your business.

This means you’ll receive just one bill each month, have to deal with only one customer services department and potentially save your business thousands on business water rates.

What’s the difference between a water supplier and a water wholesaler?

A wholesaler is a company that owns and operates the water and sewer network in a particular region of the country. They are responsible for the supply of clean water and removal, treatment and cleaning of wastewater.

They look after everything needed to get clean water for your business. In the regulated household water market, the wholesaler provides customer services and billing directly to the household customers within the region.

A business water supplier is a company that provides customer services and invoicing services to its business customers.

A business water supplier will regularly take meter readings at your property. If you have any problems with your water supply, they will liaise with the regional wholesaler on your behalf.

In the deregulated water market, a business water supplier can provide water and wastewater services to any business in Britain.

The water network

What’s the relationship between wholesalers and business water retailer

A business water retailer is another name for a business water supplier. The business water supplier will purchase water at the wholesale rate from the local wholesalers then individually bill this to its business customers.

Our handy table shows which water companies are wholesalers and which ones are suppliers.

Regional wholesalersBusiness water suppliers
Dwr Cymru CyfyngedigAnglian Water Business
Hafren Dyfrdwy CyfyngedigBrightwater
Scottish WaterBusiness Stream
Northumbrian WaterCambrian Utilities
Severn Trent WaterCastle Water
Southern WaterClear Business Water
South West WaterConservAqua
Thames WaterEverflow
United UtilitiesFirst Business Water
Wessex WaterPinnacle Business Water
Yorkshire WaterPure Business Water
Affinity WaterSource for business
Bristol WaterRegent Water
Portsmouth WaterSmarta Water
South East WaterVeolia Water
South Staffordshire WaterThe Water Retail Company
Sutton and East Surrey WaterWater Plus

What if my business is being billed as a household?

This is a common problem. The central database used in the non-household water network is often not up to date with the status of business properties. If the principal use of your property is anything but a home, then you will be eligible to be supplied by a business water supplier.

We recommend that you contact a business water supplier of your choosing who will be able to onboard you as a new customer and manage the addition of your property to the non-household water network.

Check out our guide to the different water suppliers:

What if my business is not being billed for water at all?

This situation is known as a ‘gap site’. It’s a common problem in the water industry, and our gap site guide explains how best to deal with this situation.

How do I change water suppliers?

In the non-household water market, businesses are eligible to choose their water supplier. To compare the alternative deals available to your business, use the AquaSwitch free comparison service today.