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  • Better level of service.
  • Consolidate your bills.

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Can I choose my business water supplier?

Yes, you can.

As of the 19-20 state of the market Ofwat report, only 58% of businesses were aware they could switch their business water suppliers. This is up from 53% in 2018/19.

Even for businesses aware that choosing a different supplier is a possibility, many feel that switching their water supplier would be too arduous or too complicated.

To switch your business water supplier, you need to provide the following information:

Once the information has been provided, AquaSwitch will compare the most competitive water rates and provide you with various options tailored to your business.

From there, switching your business water supplier is easy; you can use our simple switching form. That’s it. AquaSwitch will take care of the switching process.

How do I find my business water supplier?

There are a couple of ways to identify your water supplier. By far, the easiest way is to check your latest water bill – the company that currently charges you is your water supplier.

If you can’t find a recent bill or you have recently moved to a new property, you can contact our experts. They will look up your meter number against the database of all non-household meters to find the supplier your property is currently registered to.

The key benefits of comparing and switching to cheaper business water rates

There are many benefits of switching your supplier, some financial, others service-based. Here’s an overview of how your business can benefit by switching suppliers:

  • Save money.
  • Better level of service.
  • Consolidate the bills from all your properties into one simple invoice.
  • Get a quote tailored directly to your business.
  • Become more water-efficient.

It reduces environmental pressure. The Environmental Agency predicts water shortages in the UK by 2050 if efforts are not taken to conserve supply. Help conserve supplies by reducing consumption.

  • It saves your business money. Unlike households, small businesses are charged based upon the amount of water used, known as a volumetric charge. Make significant savings by reducing usage.


What are the top 5 reasons for switching your business water supplier?

There are many valid reasons for switching your business water supplier. However, the reason that comes to the forefront of most business owners’ minds is saving money. But, what other reasons are there for switching your water supplier?

Here are the top 5 reasons for switching your business water supplier from Ofwat’s State of the market report.

  • Lower price.
  • Someone got in touch to switch.
  • Dissatisfied with the previous supplier.
  • To get better customer service.
  • =5. Bill consolidation.
  • =5. To get a higher quality service.

Source: Ofwat state of the market report 19-20.

Who are the cheapest water suppliers in Scotland?

There isn’t a set answer for this, as it’s pretty circumstantial. There are many factors to take into consideration when water suppliers provide you with a detailed quote.

A water quote tailored to your business will include the following charges:

  • Potable water standing charge
  • Potable water metering charge
  • Wastewater standing charge
  • Wastewater volumetric charge
  • Surface water drainage
  • Highways drainage
  • Foul sewage and trade effluent

Make sure to read through our guide on understanding business water charges to get an idea of the water charges your business will incur.

The AquaSwitch service will take into account all these different charges to provide a direct comparison between your current supply and quotes from other suppliers taking account all these additional charges.

Who is the cheapest water supplier in England?

In England, the question of who provides the cheapest water supply gets even more complicated. Eleven regional companies across England provide water and sewerage services. Each of these regional companies has different ways of charging their services.

Business water suppliers in England will pass on these charges to your business plus a variable retail fee.

We’ve pulled together a guide exploring the different English water suppliers and their coverage to simplify this situation.

It’s worth remembering that business water suppliers can also provide additional services that help reduce business water usage, resulting in a cheaper supply. You can access a breakdown of their services and coverage in the above link.

Save money with an AquaSwitch water audit.

Have you considered a Water Audit? A water audit is a process that reviews your business’s water usage, water charges, water supply, and drainage by inspecting your historical water bills.

Our water experts shall use their knowledge of water regulations to identify instances where your business has been overcharged and find potential savings and improvements for your business moving forward.

Upon conclusion of the review, our experts will contact your supplier to quickly and efficiently resolve identified issues. If a problem is found, businesses can claim a rebate on historical overcharging by your supplier. This also makes your future water supply cheaper.

To use AquaSwitch’s free water audit service, visit our water audit page and follow our simple instructions to get the process started with one of our water specialists.

Who benefits from the cheapest water supply?

The underlying cost of providing clean water to businesses across Britain depends significantly on water scarcity in your region.

Businesses in the South West of England suffer from the highest volumetric water charges. In Devon and Cornwall, annual rainfall is less than most of the country, and the distance that pipes need to travel is greater. This means that the underlying cost of providing clean water is greater, a cost that is passed through to businesses in business water supplier charges.

In contrast, rainfall is more frequent around London and the Anglian region, and the density of water using properties is higher, resulting in lower charges.

Ultimately there is little you can do about the region your business is located. But the simple step of changing to a cheaper water supplier can go a long way in reducing cost.