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We provide a simple solution to allow you to switch your business water supply. AquaSwitch has specialist relationships with business water suppliers across Britain. Using these relationships and a few simple details from your water bill, we are able to give you a range of quotes for the future supply of water to your Company. If you decide that an alternative supplier will provide a better service for your business, AquaSwitch will arrange the transfer between the old and new suppliers. It’s completely hassle-free.
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The benefit of switching suppliers

Once you’ve compared business water suppliers, you may notice there’s an opportunity to improve overall efficiencies at your company. Some of the benefits that come with making the switch include:

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It will save you money

Deregulation of the water has allowed the entry of newly licensed suppliers into the market. These suppliers want to work with your business. They are often prepared to supply water at a significant discount compared to the legacy suppliers. Switching supplier can save your business up to 20% from your water and wastewater bills.

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Tailored & innovative service

The newly licensed suppliers are often more innovative in their approach to dealing with customers. Your business will benefit from this improved customer service as well as benefitting from the savings made from consolidating your business water bills. The new suppliers often offer consolidation and simplification of water bills, which will also improve your water efficiency as well as simplifying the process.

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Getting switched

By switching your business water supply it will help you save money in the long run but will also help to consolidate your business water bills allowing you to become a water efficient business saving both time and money. The added benefit of switching water suppliers due to the deregulation of business water suppliers allows you to obtain a much higher level of customer service.

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Why is it important to compare business water suppliers?

Owning and managing a business can be complex. When you’re constantly dealing with the chaos that comes with maintaining an organisation, the last thing you want to deal with is exponential business water rates. 

With an opportunity to compare business water suppliers in the UK, you can find an efficient and effective solution to save on business water bills, reduce waste consumption and improve business environmental standards throughout your organisation.

Let’s take a closer look at how the open water market works, and how it can make it easier for you to switch water suppliers and find a more efficient, budget-friendly water rate for your business.

Understanding the open water market

Unlike public sector organisations, privatised water supply isn’t handled by the government. The open water market works similarly to that of renewable energy, gas and electricity, which use an energy tariff system. The retail suppliers purchase wholesale services and provide a consolidated package of services to consumers.

Businesses are given the opportunity to compare water rates thanks to the open water market in Britain. Water deregulation turned the market into a privatised sector, which is regulated by The Water Services Regulation Authority, or Ofwat.

Because of water deregulation, all businesses in England, Scotland and large companies in Wales are eligible to choose their own water supplier for water and wastewater services. This means your business can compare business water suppliers and find one that meets your needs, quality standards and potentially price difference.

To find a list of retailers operating in the open water market, you can use resources provided by Open Water, a programme led by Ofwat, the Department Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Market Operator Services. AquaSwitch can also help you locate your next potential supplier.

Should I consider a water audit?

If you’ve noticed an uptick in your business water bill but haven’t increased water usage on your business premises, a water audit can help you get to the bottom of the problem. By conducting a water audit, you can protect your water supply, identify opportunities to reduce your business water bill and, in turn, become a more environmentally friendly organisation.

A water audit is the assessment of how water distributed throughout your organisation is authorised, metered and billed. This is done by identifying how often water usage takes place and where in your facility water is used.

At this time, you can also monitor your water meter — if you notice unusual activity, unnecessary charges may be taking place. Once you review your meter and get an understanding of your current maintenance practices, you can get a better understanding of how your current water usage impacts your business water bills.

If the outcome shows that your current water retailer is costing your company money and impairing its ability to remain a water-efficient organisation, it may be time to explore different water retailers who can lower your annual water bill and contribute to a more water-efficient business plan.

The benefit of switching suppliers

Once you’ve compared business water suppliers, you may notice there’s an opportunity to improve overall efficiencies at your company. Some of the benefits that come with making the switch include:

1. Saving money The most obvious reason to change water retailers is to save your business money on your water supply bill. Thanks to water deregulation, an abundance of newly licensed suppliers are available to work with businesses and offer competitive rates. In fact, switching suppliers can save your business up to 20% on its water and wastewater bills.

2. A more innovative approach to water supply Newly licensed suppliers have done their research to find new and innovative ways to provide their customers with relief on their business water rates. That means your business will not only save money on your business water bills, but you’ll also benefit from improved customer service experiences.

3. Improved water efficiency New suppliers are in the business of consolidating and simplifying water bills, so you’ll also benefit from overall improved business efficiency. Gone are the days of rummaging through various bills — a new supplier can mean a more organised, simplified process.   

4. Secured water suppliers Because of the scarcity of water supplies in the U.K., making the switch and securing your business water services now will benefit you in the long run.