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What is a water logger and why should I use one?

As a business, you may choose to have a water logger installed on your water meter. A water data logger is a device that fits onto your water meter and measures the amount of water that passes through.

The water logger provides an analysis of when and how your water consumption is used across your premises. This will help you address any inefficiencies with the water supplier and will help to locate any water leaks.

Installing a data logger will save your business money in the long run and, by making your business more water-efficient, will have a positive environmental impact.

Water leaks result in the loss of millions of litres of water a year and can result in significant additional charges for your business. By installing a water data logger, you will immediately notice an increase in usage that indicates a water leak allowing you to fix the problem.

A water logger will allow you to measure and understand the impact of any water-saving initiatives that you introduce at your business. A simple act like adding a water-saving device in your toilets can be measured in lower usage and pounds saved.

How do I know if my meter is suitable for a water logger?

To find out whether or not your water meter is suitable for a data logger, you will need to get in contact with your water supplier. The best way to find out who your current water supplier is to simply check your current water bill.

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Am I eligible for a water logger?

To be eligible for a water logger, you must be a registered business in England or Scotland. Business water loggers are not for households. To get the process started, reach out to your current business water supply and check whether or not your meter is compatible with a water logger.

If it is, you’ll be able to manage your water consumption far more efficiently.

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How do I go about installing my data logger?

To get a water logger installed, you will need to find a verified, accredited installer to fit your water logger. We advise you to directly speak to your water supplier and ask if they partner with any accredited suppliers.

What are the benefits of having a water data logger for my business?

The benefits of having a water data logger are having frequent and accurate information on how you use your current wastewater and water supply. It will help you monitor the usage and identify any inefficiencies.

This, in turn, will help you save money, as you will be fixing any leaks or issues with your current supplier, as well as paying for your actual usage. You are not relying on the water suppliers giving you an estimated usage that is inaccurate.

Am I protected if I have a water logger fitted on my premises?

If you decide to go ahead and have a water logger fitted to your meter, the licensed providers will provide you with a cost for ongoing water logging data services. They will then agree with you on the length of your contract.

All water loggers that are fitted must also conform with the minimum standard requirements and cannot interfere with the water meter that they are attached to.

Can I install my own water logging device?

You can install your own water data logging device, but only if you have applied and have been accepted to become an accredited water logging installer.

If you haven’t, you will have to get an accredited installer to come and install your device on the water meter.

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