Tom Melhuish 8 min read

How to switch your business water supplier

Have you noticed that your business water bills are higher than usual?

Have you seen a steady uptick over the last several years and you’re not sure why?

It’s the way the water market in England — as well as Scotland and parts of Wales — works: water suppliers purchase resources from a regional wholesaler, then charge for customer services.

Prices and rates can change on an annual basis; the wholesale rate can change based on the scarcity of supply in your location, but your supplier can also make the decision to increase your retail charge.

Watching your business water bill continue to rise can be stressful, but the good news is that you don’t have to live with exponential rates.

Thanks to water deregulation, the retail market is open for businesses in England, Scotland and large companies in Wales. This means there’s an opportunity to choose your own water supplier for water and sewerage services.

Saving money by making the switch to a new provider can be simple and straightforward — all you need to do is connect with AquaSwitch and we’ll take care of the hassle for you.

Why should I explore alternative suppliers?

Beyond eliminating the stress of dealing with expensive water bills for your business, there are substantial benefits that come with making the switch from your current supplier. Some of the advantages include:

1. Securing a fixed water rate for a long period of time. By moving to a new supplier, your business can lock in a specific water rate for a fixed period of time. Not only does this allow you to save money upfront, but it reduces risk for rate increases in the future.

2. Improving customer service experiences. If you find it difficult to get ahold of your existing supplier, switching to an alternative provider gives you an opportunity for a fresh start.

3. Creating a business that stands for water efficiency. Speaking of upgraded efficiencies, a new supplier may be able to help you simplify your water bills in a way that makes it easier to organise your current processes.

4. Saving the environment. By creating a more water-efficient business, you’ll reduce water consumption and waste, which protects resources that are already going scarce.

5. … And saving money! Likely, one of the most important factors for your business model and future success is finding ways to save money. Because of the water retail market, suppliers are more competitive about getting businesses to work with them. That also means that they’re willing to provide a rate that beats the competition. Switching suppliers can save businesses up to 20% on sewerage and water bills. This fact alone can make switching suppliers the obvious choice for your business.

How do you change your water supplier?

Businesses have the option to switch water suppliers thanks to the deregulated market, and they can do it on their own. But according to Access Utilities UK, the complexity of switching is what’s keeping the market from introducing retail competition to households, and why it’s still limited to non-household customers only.

So while you can certainly handle contacting a new supplier, cutting ties with your old provider and moving all of your information from one supplier to another may be a lot to handle — especially when you’re already overseeing your business. That’s why we recommend letting someone else handle the switch for you.

Ready for a change? Simplify the switch with AquaSwitch

Switching suppliers doesn’t have to be a confusing and tedious process. At AquaSwitch, we want to eliminate the stress involved with working with an alternative water provider. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the water supply industry, we can work on your behalf as an intermediary and help you find a supplier that will get you the best possible rate for your business.

Interested in connecting with AquaSwitch? Our process is simple:

First, we’ll ask you to fill out a simple form to provide details that will give us an inside look at the water supply that meets your business needs.

Most of the information needed from us can be found on your last water bill, so keep that handy while filling out the form.

Once we gather all of the necessary information, we’ll send it off to various market suppliers so we can gather quotes. We’ll compare and contrast the rates to ensure you’re getting the best possible price so making the switch is really worth your while.

Remember, you don’t have to worry about contacting any suppliers; our experts will do all of the research and quote collection to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Finally, once we’ve found a quote you feel confident about, one of our water specialists will finalise the switch and take care of all of the onboarding processes that come with working with a new water supplier. You don’t even have to worry about disconnecting service with your prior supplier; all you need to do is smile and think about how much money you’re going to save now that you made the official switch.

See? Making business moves doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming. Learn more about how our customers save money on their business water bill and how you can do the same by contacting one of our experts today.