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UK Business Water Retailers (Suppliers)

The Water Act 2014 paved the way for businesses to choose the supplier of their water and wastewater retailer services.

The UK business water retailers (often also known as “suppliers”) are private companies with a license to provide water services in the different parts of the UK.

The principal services a water retailer provides are billing for water usage and providing customer services to the businesses it supplies.

Ultimately, the management of the water network used by your business is the responsibility of the wholesaler – a regionally appointed organisation.

Changing your business water retailer (supplier) will not cause any interruption to your water supply. You will still benefit from the same quality of water currently provided.

There are 20 licensed business water retailers across the UK who are able to serve businesses across England, Wales and Scotland. Companies in Northern Ireland cannot currently choose their water supplier.

How to choose a business water retailer?

Upon deregulation of the water market, depending on your region, a water retailer will have been appointed for your business.

This retailer is responsible for billing your company for the service of supplying clean water and removing wastewater.

In considering whether to change business water retailer, your business should consider:

  • Can a new retailer (supplier) provide a better standard of customer service?
  • Could my business save money with the lower rates offered by another retailer (supplier)?
  • Could a retailer (supplier) consolidate the billing for the sites my business operates across the UK?

What are the benefits of using a new UK business water retailer?

There are plenty of benefits when you switch to private UK business water retailers, the first that springs to mind are a better quality of customer service and cost savings. Here are a few of the main reasons companies decide to switch business water suppliers:


Savings costs

It will save you and your business money as the deregulation of the UK business water market has allowed the new licensed suppliers into the market.

These suppliers look to offer discounts compared to the legacy suppliers and often switching supplier can save your business up to 20% from your water and wastewater bills.


Improved customer service

The customer service may improve tenfold as newly licensed suppliers are innovative and customer-focused, providing you with all the support you need while assisting you with becoming water-efficient in efforts to reduce your spending.

Switching will help you consolidate your business water bills providing you with one succinct bill, allowing you to save a lot of time and effort spent getting water prices for each individual site.


Comparing business water retailers

We hope this article provides a valuable guide to your business. Use our in-house tool to compare business water retailers (suppliers) for your business.

If you have a specific question please reach out to one of our water experts.

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